Jessica Designs ~ Heathy Nails (2)

  Jessica Guyton has graciously agreed to write a short series of “nail health” posts, complete with product recommendations for strengthening, growing and maintaining healthier nails. This is her second installment. When it comes to the most basic of manicures, filing is key.  And no matter what shape you embrace (round, square, pointy), it’s all about the tools you use. There are a lot of nail files out there….  Here’s a guide to help you choose the right one. But {Read More}

Jessica Designs ~ Healthy Nails (1)

  Jessica Guyton has graciously agreed to write a short series of “nail health” posts, complete with product recommendations for strengthening and growing healthier nails.  This is her first installment. There are a lot of tips to maintaining your nails….  I work in food service and, in just a year’s time, my nails have gone from long and hard to weak, peeling and breaking everyday.  And let’s face it:  Once you break a nail there’s really nothing you can do except cut it {Read More}

Jessica Designs ~ Sugar Plum Fairies

So the other day I was in Rite Aid looking for the new Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette ~ which I didn’t find…. But I did find some new nail colors for fall and winter! The design for December will be a quick and easy nail gradient design.  Inspired by Sugar Plum Fairies, it’s a wonderful look for the Holidays!  Pretty and sweet, it still makes a statement. The base color is Sinful Colors’ Winterberry.  It’s a beautiful grayish plum with tiny {Read More}

Jessica Designs ~ Tim Burton

little blog readers, I can’t tell you how much I adore Tim Burton.  In my humble opinion, the man is a genius. For this look I didn’t want to copy something from his movies, but rather be inspired by his art.  The common theme I found was his use of stripes and what I would call “curly-Q’s.” I think the most famous curly-Q would be in The Nightmare Before Christmas.  And my favorite stripe would have to be from the movie Beetlejuice.  The black {Read More}

Jessica Designs ~ The Vamp

Halloween is, by far, my favorite holiday! I love being able to “play dress up” like a kid.  But, unlike a kid, I can eat all the candy I want!  Bwahahaha! With Halloween right around the corner, I created a design that you could wear to a party and also wear to work the next day. The color combination I chose was red and black.  It would go well with a Vampire costume or with your everyday fall outfit. Hope {Read More}

Jessica Designs ~ Ladybugs

There’s nothing I love more then smelling a freshly mowed lawn.  My allergies may hate it; but I take the good with the bad.  The smell reminds you that it is indeed summer. I also love summer bugs: ladybugs, butterflies and fire flies….  Not so much mosquitoes, though.  But again, you have to take the good with the bad. This nail design was inspired by nature.  I used striping brushes and four different shades of green to create depth of color, and a dotting tool and {Read More}

Jessica Designs ~ Hot Summer Nails

Today, nail designs are more prevalent then ever. You see them from the runway to the red carpet; but you don’t have to be a celebrity to enjoy a fun nail design. I made the following nail design to incorporate some of today’s hottest nail trends. This design not only smells amazing (yes, I said “smells” thanks to Revlon’s scented nail polish) but, with the help of a little “mood polish,” it changes colors, too! I hope you enjoy the {Read More}