Jessica Designs ~ Sugar Plum Fairies

So the other day I was in Rite Aid looking for the new Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette ~ which I didn’t find….

But I did find some new nail colors for fall and winter!

The design for December will be a quick and easy nail gradient design.  Inspired by Sugar Plum Fairies, it’s a wonderful look for the Holidays!  Pretty and sweet, it still makes a statement.

The base color is Sinful Colors’ Winterberry.  It’s a beautiful grayish plum with tiny silver shimmery flakes.

Sinful Colors in Winterberry and Out of this World, and Wet n Wild’s WIld Shine


I choose to pair it with another Sinful Colors polish called Out of This World.  This silver polish is very sheer, making it perfect to create a gradient, but not so great if you want to paint your nails silver.  (I also found some other polishes by Sinful Colors and Maybelline, so at the end of the tutorial I will show swatches of the items I purchased.)

The “icing on the cake” of this design is brought to you by Wet n Wild in Wild Shine.

In addition to the polishes, you’ll need a cosmetic wedge sponge.

Step 1 ~ Prep Your Nails

Shape and manicure your nails (click here for my original post which covers the BASIC MANICURE), then paint on a clear base coat.

Step 2 ~ Add Color

Paint two or three coats of Winterberry polish.

Two coats should be fine; but I painted an extra layer for this tutorial.

Don’t panic if you paint outside the lines; you can always “clean up” with some polish remover and Q-tips!

Let dry.

Step 3 ~ Create the Gradient

Using one side of the cosmetic sponge, apply a coat of Out of This World.  Start at the tip of the nail and apply the majority of the color using a light tapping motion.

Work about two-thirds of the way down the nail, towards the nail bed.

By the time you’re half-way to the nail bed, the polish should be sheered out, creating an nice transition.

Apply a second coat to the sponge ~ but this time only apply the color to the tip of the nail.  This will deepen the color and create the gradient.

(If you are having trouble imagining this process, search YouTube for a “nail gradient design” to help you see how it is done.)

Step 4 ~ Add Glitter

At the very tip use a glitter polish.

I used Wet n Wild in “Wild Shine” (#460D) to enhance the design.

Step 5 ~ Seal the Deal

Allow a few minutes of dry time before sealing with a clear top coat.

I recommend Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat for a smooth, lasting finish.

You’re done!

A Few Nail Notes

As I was looking for the Wet n Wild eyeshadow, there was a display for the Sinful Colors “Fairy Tale Enchanted Collection.”  I picked out Rain Storm (2), a very pretty grayish blue and Last Chance (3), a deep Forest Green.

I also decided to find a red glitter polish for the Holidays, I bought Maybelline’s Color Show Sequins in Ruby Rhinestone (4).  The picture on the display made it seem like you would only need to paint ONE coat of the polish to be blasted with wonderful glitter.  But when I painted the swatch, I ended up having to painting 6 coats of the stuff to achieve the look from the display.  And it still didn’t empress me.

I don’t know about you, but I hate having to paint layer after layer of polish ~ especially GLITTER that takes forever to remove.

To lessen that torture, I picked up two reds that I already had:  Rapid Red (5) and Torrid, both by Rimmel (6).   Rapid Red is a true red.  The finished looked with this polish reminded me of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers (this may be a tutorial for the future)….

Torrid is a brick-red with a gold shimmer.  Again, I painted two coats of the glitter.  I love the way both of them turned out.

If any of you find a nail color that you (or I) can’t live without, please let me know.  I would love to hear what you like, too!

Happy Holidays!

Jessica Guyton, Makeup Artist and Enthusiast

Jessica Guyton loves her country ~ and makeup, too!

After 8 years of honorable service, she left the US Air Force (January, 2012) to realize her dream of becoming a Cosmetologist and Makeup Artist.

Jessica has been working with makeup for a little over four years and plans to attend school for her Cosmetology and Business licenses. Her goal is to open her own full-service salon.

In her spare time, Jessica enjoys practicing nail art and makeup with friends and family.

If you would like to see more of Jessica’s nail and make up designs, visit her on Facebook HERE.

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  1. Gabrielle says

    These colors are so pretty! I love sponging nail color, it makes a great look and glitter and top coat always even out any small mistakes! Eyeshadow applicators work well to sponge on as well and they are smaller to get to the edges.

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