Cat’s Caboodle ~ Stocking Stuffers

Searching for some last-minute stocking-stuffer ideas for the beauty buffs on your list?  I’ve got you covered!   Suvana Beauty – Certified Organic Paw Paw and Honey Balm Suvana’s Certified Organic Paw Paw and Honey Balm ($14) makes a fabulous natural, organic, good-for-you lip balm, as well as soothing any other areas of dry skin you may have.  It comes in a generously-sized (.88 oz) recyclable tube and is not tested on animals. I use it mainly as a lip {Read More}

Organization for Your Vacation

Going on a trip? Get organized! Whether it’s a weekend drive or a two-week overseas vacation, there are great tips and tricks to stay organized and alleviate stress. Be rested and be early. Be sure you get adequate sleep the night before travel. Rushing around at the last minute can only start your vacation off on the wrong foot. Itinerary X 2. Make one copy for you and one for a friend. Chances are you are not going to have {Read More}

Jeanne Organizes Your Bits, Baubles & Accoutrements

Ok, you’ve done the basics.  Now it’s time to tackle the fun stuff! Jewelry can be hard to contain and even harder to display. You CAN achieve organization and decoration in one. Depending on what space you have and what your goal is, it is possible to arrange both with flair AND practicality.  But remember, you need to cull your jewelry just like you did your clothes and donate or sell your odd, misfit or unworn jewelry. Less is more {Read More}

Clearing the Clutter Chaos

Spring is here and you are ready for the light, airy freshness that it brings. SPRING CLEANING comes to mind…. You’re ready to attack the dirt and dust and all that crapola you’ve been collecting and storing. Don’t be a victim of the clutter beast! Before you leap on the piles and lose your mind, make a plan: 1. Focus on one room at a time. Go room by room and assess what needs to be done. This is critical {Read More}