Time for a Little Change

Springtime Greetings. Wishing you and yours a happy, sunny season! …a little blog told me

Why Gratitude?

Why gratitude? “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity.”  ~ Beattie Wishing you and yours a quiet moment to recognize your Blessings….

For All Who Have Mothered…

With heartfelt thanks….

Happy ❤ Day

2014: The Year of YOU

Are you ready? It’s time! 2014 is the year of you. This is the year for you to thrive, to exceed your own expectations and to continue on your amazing path. This time of year we are bombarded with methods, suggestions and “quick fixes” to become a better you. Exercise more! Get organized! Eat healthy! Be better! All of these ideas are great, but life keeps happening. There is the stress of holiday bills, the tree needs to get put {Read More}

I Won’t Give Up the Antlers

Did you have a Merry Christmas? Mine was wonderful. The days leading up to the 25th were a delight, as well ~ largely due to a silly, impulsive purchase I made at Claire’s in early December. For those of you unfamiliar with Claire’s, it’s a small mall boutique targeted to girls and teens, ages 3 and up. If a pink elephant ate a bunch of disco balls, flamingoes, powder puffs, unicorns and Justin Bieber, and then threw up, you’d have {Read More}

I Wish You Joy

JOY by Kumar and Singh I wish you roses in the spring, Fledglings on the wing, Fireflies that sing your name. I wish you flowers in the grass, Memories that last, Shelter from the passing rain. I wish you joy. I hope the wind is at your back, Keeping you on track. That you never lack for love, I hope you walk beside your heart, Even in the dark, Guided by the stars above. I wish you love. So wherever {Read More}

Merry! Merry!

Wishing you and yours all the joys of the Season. Merry Christmas! ~ little blog

Growing Your Roots

Recently a dance student of mine asked me “How are you able to be such a strong woman?” Hmmmm. Am I? After pausing for a minute I shared with her some of the things that I struggle with:  lifelong food issues and body insecurity can still rear its ugly head; I often feel nervous around men and dating; and at times I can be self-involved. But, I told her, I try to never let those problems shake my core belief {Read More}

Christmas Encore

From Christmas Posts Past: While shopping at a favorite department store last week, I was aurally assaulted by a Christmas song so bad (see #2) that it made me want to run, screaming, from the shop. I refused to abandon the too-good-to-be-true deals I’d collected while I waited, outside, for my ears to stop bleeding. Instead I persevered, getting through the next 01:52 by sticking my fingers in my ears, chanting “lalalalalalalalalalala” and wondering what other songs might make me {Read More}