What’s Your Superpower?

I have an undying, somewhat obsessive love of Wonder Woman. I love her fight for justice, love, peace, and sexual equality (and one heck of a pair of boots!). In fact, when I am down, I like to listen to the Wonder Woman theme song and dance around my house. One of my favorite things about Wonder Woman, and about superheroes in general, is that they each have unique gift that they share with the world, a unique service that makes {Read More}

Constant Craving

I admit it: I have had a lifetime of craving things. It’s not a new part of me. In fact, it’s probably the most recognizable part of me. As a child, I remember being four and flipping a coin with my dad for the right to watch certain TV shows. Specifically, I needed my Munster’s fix. As I grew, my cravings grew to include other categories. I used to really want those small plastic jewelry sets at the grocery store {Read More}

Being Awesome Anyway

As a rule, I preach thriving, not surviving. In life, I (usually) practice what I preach. I love adventure. I choose “yes” and wear leopard print and glitter while running a successful dance business.  I believe that I, and all humans, are amazing creatures with amazing, awesome potential. But recently I have been feeling…not that awesome. Under the burden of a heavy workload, the lack of work/life balance, trouble quitting a toxic relationship, some health issues, and an impending “BIG” {Read More}

little blog wishes you a …

Living La Vida Wee

I wouldn’t say I could be featured on A&E’s “Hoarders.”  However my garage could easily be the cartoon they roll before showing the main intervention. I have always kept a clean and tidy, clutter-free home.  When you share a 975 square-foot space with others (yep, you read that right:  975 square feet), you pretty much have to. I’m not complaining.  Mr Wonderful and I chose cottage-style living.  We enjoy the cozy feel of a small space.  And neither of us {Read More}

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Birthday, America! Wishing you and yours and safe and happy holiday…. Don’t forget to SPARKLE!   ~ little blog

Walking the Fine Line of Appearance

Walking the Fine Line of Appearance: The Gender Politics of Getting Dressed What does it mean to be a professional woman? You would hope it meant being good at your job; but, apparently, this is only part of the puzzle. We have all been told that there are rules and regulations for your appearance if you ever want to succeed. Wear enough makeup and clothing to look competent, but not enough to look sexy. Good luck figuring out where that {Read More}

Let Freedom Ring

Heartfelt gratitude to those who have sacrificed ~ to let freedom ring….   Wishing you all a lovely and safe Memorial Day.

Everything about you is amazing.

What if there was nothing wrong with you? This idea has been sitting with me frequently. How much could we accomplish in the world if we took everything we are trying to “fix” about ourselves, everything we beat ourselves up over, everything we hate and accepted it? Let’s take it a step further: What if we celebrated everything about ourselves? Let’s take me: I have a big butt and big thighs. My skin isn’t perfect and my 34 years are {Read More}

May You Always…

Happy May, my little blog peeps! I hope this little love note finds each of you well, enjoying the return of all things green. As Springtime settles in, this lovely little song by Larry Markes and Dick Charles sums up my every wish for you….   May You Always May you always walk in sunshine, Slumber warm when night winds blow. May you always live with laughter, For a smile becomes you so. May good fortune find your doorway. May the {Read More}