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household_cleanersI wouldn’t say I could be featured on A&E’s “Hoarders.”  However my garage could easily be the cartoon they roll before showing the main intervention.

I have always kept a clean and tidy, clutter-free home.  When you share a 975 square-foot space with others (yep, you read that right:  975 square feet), you pretty much have to.

I’m not complaining.  Mr Wonderful and I chose cottage-style living.  We enjoy the cozy feel of a small space.  And neither of us is willing to commit to the work or time involved with constant cleaning and maintenance on a large house (truly, there are so many better ways to spend the day).

There have been challenges….

Our cottage, originally built as a model home, is missing basic storage.  Closets and pantries and cupboards were sacrificed in order to create more living space.  We’ve adapted nicely, though, constructing vertical storage inside the two tiny closets we do have, as well as adding shelving and hooks where needed.

The best thing about living small is that you are forced to edit yourself.  Space is at a premium.  So it only makes sense to share it with things that are required and/or adored.  You quickly learn what’s important and what’s “extra.”  And that makes the day-to-day living sweetly simple.

We’ve done well with an understated lifestyle.  Or so we’d thought….

A couple of years ago, Mr Wonderful and I noticed things were getting a bit cramped in the garage.  It seemed that we weren’t really letting go of some of the extras.  We chose to ignore it.


We continued to ignore it until access to our vehicle became an issue.  Mr Wonderful, considered a “senior” at select venues, and I, just two years behind, are not nearly as flexible as we once were.  Contorting and twisting our bodies to get in and out of the breezer was not exactly a breeze.  Something had to give.

Last month, as we stood just outside the garage bay looking in at the mess we had made over the last decade or so, Mr Wonderful, a collector of quotes, offered this gem:  “Too much of anything becomes it’s opposite.”  We’ve been un-collecting ever since.

It’s been an eye-opening, um, excavation.  I discovered I really, really, really like Halloween decorations.  Really.  I found three Rubbermaid tubs (large enough to hold adult bodies) and an assortment of cardboard boxes filled-to-bursting with fall garlands, burlap bows, ceramic pumpkins and homespun fabric witches, kitties, ghosties and goblins.

Turns out Mr Wonderful has a genuine affinity for lumber scraps.  Bonfire, anyone?

Besides the Jack-o-lanterns and wood, almost every thing we pulled out was a “What if we need it?” item.  ~ Common sense told us if we hadn’t needed it in recent years, we probably wouldn’t.

Many things were simply forgotten.  ~ Given that we didn’t remember we had it, we were sure we could continue living without it.

And so, in between company, family events, summer social gatherings and the odd voice over job ~ and with Mr Wonderful’s assistance ~ that is what I’ve been up to this past month.

I realize it’s been a little hushed here at … a little blog told me.  And, to reward any of you checking in, I’m quietly giving away this gorgeous pair of Jessica Simpson earrings.  All you have to do is be the FIRST reader to find this unpromoted post and leave a comment telling me what YOU’VE been up to this summer.


Every comment is time stamped and must be approved before publication.  I’ll publish any and all comments on August 30th ~ and we’ll see which lucky little blog reader won!

Good luck.  And thanks for visiting little blog!

As for me, all that’s left of the garage clean-out is a final “donations drop-off” and one “big sweep.”  I’m feeling lighter and brighter ~ and ready to jump back into the little blog nest.  See you soon!


GabrielleCongratulations, GABRIELLE HOWLE. You are little blog’s lucky winnah! (And here she is, at right, wearing the pretty Jessica Simpson dangle earrings.)

Many thanks to all who participated.

Please visit again soon. And bring your friends. Because little blog has more great prizes and giveaways ~ just around the corner!



  1. Gabrielle says

    Studying and teaching… and cleaning my own closets. Literally and figuratively.

  2. I need to do a fall-is-coming-the-spiders-are-trying-to-move-inside cleaning. I just don’t have the time. Since you are almost done the garage…. ;D

  3. Pam says

    I’ve been reading, reading and reading! I just finished “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.” So good!

  4. Kelli says

    Ahhh, purging like that feels SO good. I like doing that in my closet, making room for NEW clothes!

    I’ve been TRYING to enjoy the little sunshine we get, but it’s been so rainy…Mostly working and dancing. Life’s good!

  5. Lynn says

    As of now, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that I win. LOL! ~ Happy you are back!

  6. Chris says

    I’m gardening as much as possible!

  7. Kim says

    My summer vacation. Well, after six months of trying to get over shoulder surgery, I took some of my off time to arrange an event in a different state, as you do when you want to push yourself to the edge. I love you are doing your garage. I wish I had the determination to do it here!

  8. Gabrielle says

    Sprinkles and happiness!! I won!!

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