Ask Ellbee ~ Statement Necklaces

Dear Ellbee, I really like your column! And I really like my statement necklace. Now that the holidays are over, can I wear it with something that’s NOT a party dress? Nina   Dear Nina, Thank you so very much. It is truly my delight. Yes, by all means enjoy your statement necklace with a variety of looks ~ including work and casual wear. Statement necklaces can be a little tricky when paired with a conservative or buttoned-up suit, but {Read More}

Ask Ellbee ~ Sweaters

Dear Ellbee, I love the comfy feel of a sweater, but always seem to look top-heavy in them.  Any suggestions? Brianna Dear Brianna, Yes, sweaters can be a bit tricky for women with curves (I have them, too). To minimize the bust line, look for a v-neck sweater ~ one that doesn’t dip down too low.  Lightweight knits done in a relatively small gauge are best for curvy girls.  Intarsia designs tend to be on the thick side, so stick {Read More}

Ask Ellbee ~ The Statement Coat

Dear Ellbee, I keep reading about “statement” coats.  What exactly does that mean?  And will I be able to afford one?! Thank you! Marcie Dear Marcie, Like you, I’ve seen several references to the “statement coat” for fall.  The good news is it does not necessarily translate to “designer label.” A statement coat is simply a stand-out coat.  Think bright colors, specialty cuts and distinctive details. Traditional jacket, trench and overcoat designs are most commonly manufactured in beiges, browns, blacks {Read More}

As Sweater Weather Approaches…

Let’s revisit this “Ask Ellbee” post! Dear Ellbee, I <3 my sweaters, but they’re looking rough.  Any tips on how I can save last Winter’s faves?  How do I get rid of the little balls? Michelle Hi, Michelle. Sounds like it’s time for a little sweater refresher…. Have a peek at the label for washing instructions.  Follow them using a gentle detergent for fine washables or delicates.  And, unless the label lists drier specifics, DO lay the garment flat to {Read More}

Ask Ellbee ~ BBs, CCs and DDs

Dear Ellbee, I don’t use very much foundation.  I’m a big fan of tinted moisturizer, with a translucent powder to set and finish. I’m super interested in finding a BB cream to replace my moisturizer/light foundation/powder routine.  But there are SO many options.  What’s the difference between them, and what is your suggestion? Also, I think I know that a CC cream packs a bit more of a punch.  What else can you tell me about it? Thanks!  And keep {Read More}

Ask Ellbee ~ Fragrance

Dear Ellbee, Is it better to buy perfume or cologne? Maggie   Thanks for your question, Maggie.  The answer depends on just how much fragrance you’d like to wear. You’ve mentioned two forms; however fragrances actually fall into one of four classifications:  Parfum (or perfume), Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and Cologne.  The simple difference is concentration of scent, longevity and price. Parfum contains the greatest concentration of scent elements ~ about 25%.  It is quite robust and long-lasting, {Read More}

Ask Ellbee ~ Sterling Jewelry

Dear Ellbee, Love your column!  I recently tried your sugar scrub treatment and it really worked!  🙂 I have a question for you, too. What can I do to keep my sterling silver jewelry tarnish-free? Thanks! Paige   Thank YOU, Paige. The best way to keep your sterling from tarnishing is to wear it ~ and wear it often. If you have a large silver wardrobe, rotate pieces regularly.  Natural oils on your skin will protect the precious metal and {Read More}

Ask Ellbee ~ Dry Hands

Dear Ellbee, It’s already starting:  My hands are so dry they’re cracking open. I go through this every fall and winter.  It actually hurts. I try to keep them moisturized with lotion; but it doesn’t seem to matter. Got any fixes? Thanks. Dawn Dear Dawn, I’m so sorry to hear this. I know firsthand how painful cracked hands can be. But I do think I can help. Let’s consider some day-to-day modifications you can implement to improve your general hydration: Drink {Read More}

Ask Ellbee ~ Hats

Dear Ellbee, What are your thoughts on hats? Maria PS  Never miss your column!   Thank you, Maria.   I’m truly delighted to count you as a regular reader and hope you’ll continue to enjoy “Ask Ellbee!” As for hats, here are my general thoughts:  I adore them.  They frame the face and highlight the eyes beautifully.   Plus they add interest to almost any outfit. While I acknowledge the potential of a hat on a “bad hair day,” I {Read More}

Ask Ellbee ~ Fashion, Deconstructed

Dear Ellbee, I am very curvy but my proportions are well-balanced. I have always felt that I look best in clothes with structure and clean lines, but I like the idea of some of the more flowing, asymmetric styles and the deconstructed look. The problem is that, not being a size-2 model, I feel like those styles look sloppy on me. Can you help me figure out how to clean up that look for my body?  I’m 5’5″, and wear {Read More}