Ask Ellbee ~ Statement Necklaces

72questiongreenDear Ellbee,

I really like your column! And I really like my statement necklace.

Now that the holidays are over, can I wear it with something that’s NOT a party dress?



Dear Nina,

Thank you so very much. It is truly my delight.

Yes, by all means enjoy your statement necklace with a variety of looks ~ including work and casual wear.


Statement necklaces can be a little tricky when paired with a conservative or buttoned-up suit, but work well with open and v-neck jackets, knit dresses, turtleneck sweaters, scoop-necked jumpers and tunics. Though wearing one to the office might be negated by office dress code policy, always opt to slip on something sparkly and substantial for after-work fun.


In more casual situations, statement necklaces work beautifully with open-necked tees and blouses ~ and look cool-girl-chic when paired with jeans and flats.

Latest trends feature the showy pieces with button downs ~ particularly denim and chambray shirts. If you have an adjustable model, fasten the necklace up high and tuck it under the collar like a fancy necktie. Or, open your shirt a button or two and fill the gap with your favorite stunner.


Remember, your statement necklace is the star. Keep other jewelry and accessories to a minimum.


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  1. Pam says

    Never would have thought of putting it on with a button-down shirt. But I totally love the look!

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