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Dear Ellbee,

I love the comfy feel of a sweater, but always seem to look top-heavy in them.  Any suggestions?


Dear Brianna,

Yes, sweaters can be a bit tricky for women with curves (I have them, too).

To minimize the bust line, look for a v-neck sweater ~ one that doesn’t dip down too low.  Lightweight knits done in a relatively small gauge are best for curvy girls.  Intarsia designs tend to be on the thick side, so stick with solids or simple patterns.


V-neck choices look good on every body and will also help to balance wide or slender shoulders.

For readers with boyish figures, narrow shoulders or a small bust, crew neck, cowl neck, and turtleneck sweaters are ideal.


Or simply add an infinity scarf to something you already have.  In all cases, the eye is drawn up and shoulders are broadened.

norwegian_sweaterPear-shaped ladies may benefit further with a bit of strategically-placed pattern such as a Norwegian design, or by layering on a bright scarf around the neck.

For specifics on basic sweater care, click here for my Sweater Fuzz Post.


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