Organization for Your Vacation

Going on a trip?

Get organized!

Whether it’s a weekend drive or a two-week overseas vacation, there are great tips and tricks to stay organized and alleviate stress.

Be rested and be early.

Be sure you get adequate sleep the night before travel.

Rushing around at the last minute can only start your vacation off on the wrong foot.

Itinerary X 2.

Make one copy for you and one for a friend.

Chances are you are not going to have any issues on your trip.

But, just in case, make sure a responsible adult whom you trust knows your general whereabouts.

Make a list.

It is easier to forget something if you haven’t planned to take it.

Pack smart.

Create outfits that layer (weather changes quickly) and pack them as outfits.

Choosing all of your outfits for each day of your trip will help prevent over packing.

I also place jewelry with each outfit wrapped in tissue paper. For fine jewelry, I suggest you wear it.

Also, think about all-purpose shoes that you can wear for multiple outfits.  Shoes should be placed in bags so they don’t get your clothes dirty.

Store toiletries in a separate, waterproof bag so that leaks and spills are contained.

Roll your clothes.  Rolling your clothes not only saves space, it also helps to minimize wrinkles.

Pack a goody bag.

Whether or not you have children, pack things that will help you enjoy your trip: snacks, a new book, magazines, crosswords, knitting, music, etc.

Clean your house.

Be sure the laundry is done so you have something to wear when you return.
Change the sheets on your bed.

Work ahead so you have as little as possible to do after your trip. There is nothing better than coming home to a clean home.

Be flexible.

Things happen that are beyond your control. Go with the flow; and enjoy the adventure!

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