Jessica Designs ~ Hot Summer Nails

Today, nail designs are more prevalent then ever. You see them from the runway to the red carpet; but you don’t have to be a celebrity to enjoy a fun nail design.

I made the following nail design to incorporate some of today’s hottest nail trends. This design not only smells amazing (yes, I said “smells” thanks to Revlon’s scented nail polish) but, with the help of a little “mood polish,” it changes colors, too!

I hope you enjoy the design and have fun creating your own. Let’s get started!

Step 1 ~ Manicure Your Nails

Trim and shape your nails to ensure they are even. I like to use a crystal nail file; I’ve found that it reduces breaking, splitting and snagging.

Crystal files can be washed and sanitized. If you find that your file is dulling, simply wash it and scrub it with an old tooth brush to remove build up of nail dust.

Next, use a cuticle cream or oil like Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream to help soften your cuticles. Massage onto the nail bed, wait a couple of minutes to let the product absorb into the skin, then wash your hands.

Manicuring your nails may take some extra time, but it will extend the life of the nail design and make it look professional.

Step 2 ~ Paint Your Nails

First apply a Base coat. My favorite is Nail Tek II Intensive Therapy. It dries quickly and helps keep my nails from peeling and splitting.

Nail Tek is little expensive, but worth the cost. I’ve had my bottle for over a year and the formula still glides on great.

When your base coat is dry, apply the colors of your choice. I applied Revlon Scented Nail Enamel in Gum Drop to of all of my nails except for my ring finger or “accent nail.” On the accent nail I applied Icing Mood Swing Color Changing Nail Polish in Happy/Hopeful.

Nail Tek II; Revlon Scented Nail Enamel; Mood Swing Polish

Step 3 ~ Create the Design

Take the opposite color to create a polka dot design. In order to do this you will need a nail art pen, a “dotting tool” ~ or you can make your own dotting tool.

You can find dotting tools at Sally’s or your local craft store. I usually use the tip of a Bobbi pin; but for this look I used the end of one of my makeup brushes.

Put a couple of drops of polish onto a piece of scrap paper. Next, take your dotting tool and dip it into the polish. Then lightly place the paint onto your nail.

In order to create symmetrical dot design, I first place one dot in the middle, then on the top and bottom, then on the sides.

Step 4 ~ Add Finishing Touches

Pink or Purple? Your MOOD decides!

I topped off this design with Finger Paints Holiday Sparkle Top Coat ~ a pearlescent sealer for a little added shine and sparkle.

Last but certainly not least, finish with a clear top coat. My all time FAVORITE is Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. It keeps the color from fading and keeps nails glossy ~ plus it dries quickly.

All done!

Please let me know what you think. If you try this design, let me know how it worked for you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask via the comments button below.

Thanks for reading. And have fun creating your design!

Jessica Guyton loves her country ~ and makeup, too!

Jessica Guyton, Makeup Artist and Enthusiast

After 8 years of honorable service, she left the US Air Force (January, 2012) to realize her dream of becoming a Cosmetologist and Makeup Artist.

Jessica has been working with makeup for a little over four years and plans to attend school for her Cosmetology and Business licenses. Her goal is to open her own full-service salon.

In her spare time, Jessica enjoys practicing nail art and makeup with friends and family.

If you would like to see more of Jessica’s nail and make up designs, visit her on Facebook HERE.

If you have a specific question, a special request ~ or if you would like Jessica to do your makeup or nails, e-mail her at Jessica does not charge for her services; but donations are always appreciated.

Watch for more from Jessica Guyton on little blog!


  1. Gabrielle says

    I love polka dots on nails! This would be so cute on toenails as well. So I guess I have to go out and find mood polish now!!

  2. Pam says

    Love this design! And your step-by-step on the dot application makes it totally doable. Thanks!

  3. Great post, Jessica!

    Question: Because of modeling and client preferences, I have to change my polish fairly frequently. How do quick-dry polishes stack up against traditional lacquers?

  4. Hmm, good question. I own both traditional lacquers and quick drying ones. I have a lot of Rimmel’s 60 seconds nail polish ( ). I really like that they do dry quickly and I like the larger brush…I think they call it a “maxi brush”, plus the polish is true to color; so you do ONLY have to apply the one coat. For traditional lacquers, I own Sinful Color. Sinful Color is affordable for my budget and there is a huge selection of colors. I find their staying power is about the same, but it’s very important to apply a top coat. Having a top coat will increase the longevity of any nail polish. Hope this answers your question. Have a good day!

  5. Jennifer says

    Thanks, Jessica! 😀


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