Jessica Designs ~ Ladybugs

There’s nothing I love more then smelling a freshly mowed lawn.  My allergies may hate it; but I take the good with the bad.  The smell reminds you that it is indeed summer.

I also love summer bugs: ladybugs, butterflies and fire flies….  Not so much mosquitoes, though.  But again, you have to take the good with the bad.

This nail design was inspired by nature.  I used striping brushes and four different shades of green to create depth of color, and a dotting tool and basic red, black and white polishes to paint the ladybugs.

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer.  Enjoy this Jessica Guyton design!

Step 1 ~ Prep Your Nails 

As I covered in my last Nail Tutorial, manicure your nails before you paint them.  Make sure to trim, buff and even out your nails to ensure a lasting design.

Step 2 ~ Paint Your Nails

Apply a clear base coat and let dry, then apply the lightest shade of green on all the nails.

For this design, I used Essence Color & Go in Lime Up!.  But you could also use yellow.

Step 3 ~ Create the Design

To create the blades of grass, you’ll need striping brushes and green nail polish.

To add depth to the grass, layer assorted shades of green.

I used Rimmel 60 Seconds in Camouflage, Etos Long Lasting No. 22, L.A. Colors Art Deco in Bright Green and, again, the Essence Color & Go in Lime Up!.

Don’t have those on hand?  Don’t worry!  Just use what you can find.  There are so many great shades of green out there, the color combinations are endless!

If you don’t own multiple nail striping brushes, borrow the nail striping brush from a similar color.  Use a piece of paper (not tissue or cotton or paper towels, as those will leave behind particles) to wipe off the excess and use it in the other bottles.

The grass is simple to paint:  just paint lines. Make some thin, some thick, some long and some short.

Repeat this process with all the colors until you feel you have achieved the desired look.

Step 4 ~ Add the Accent 

On the accent finger, use a dotting tool to make a red oval for the lady bug body.  If you don’t have a dotting tool, try using the end of a bobby pin.  Another inexpensive art tool option is a toothpick.

Then use a black polish and striping brush to make the face, a dividing line for the wings and the signature black dots.

Finish off the by adding little white dots for the eyes.  Again, a toothpick will help you create small dots.

Step 5 ~ Seal the Deal

Now that your design is complete, let dry and apply a top coat to seal in the design.

I hope you all have enjoyed this design.  Have fun creating the look and be sure to post a picture of your nails.

If you have a request for a nail look, send me a message.

Jessica Guyton loves her country ~ and makeup, too!

Jessica Guyton, Makeup Artist and Enthusiast

After 8 years of honorable service, she left the US Air Force (January, 2012) to realize her dream of becoming a Cosmetologist and Makeup Artist.

Jessica has been working with makeup for a little over four years and plans to attend school for her Cosmetology and Business licenses. Her goal is to open her own full-service salon.

In her spare time, Jessica enjoys practicing nail art and makeup with friends and family.

If you would like to see more of Jessica’s nail and make up designs, visit her on Facebook HERE.

If you have a specific question, a special request ~ or if you would like Jessica to do your makeup or nails, e-mail her at Jessica does not charge for her services; but donations are always appreciated.

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  1. Amber says

    Awesome Jessica

  2. Jennifer says

    Super cute! I like the idea of doing this one with a friend ~ to help with the ladybugs when it’s time to paint the OTHER accent nail! ;-D

  3. Traveling Garden Gnome says

    Oh, that is such a cute idea! I wish my daughter was home so we could do our nails!

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