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little blog readers, I can’t tell you how much I adore Tim Burton.  In my humble opinion, the man is a genius.

For this look I didn’t want to copy something from his movies, but rather be inspired by his art.  The common theme I found was his use of stripes and what I would call “curly-Q’s.”

I think the most famous curly-Q would be in The Nightmare Before Christmas.  And my favorite stripe would have to be from the movie Beetlejuice.  The black and white suit that Beetlejuice wears is fantastic!  (If I could find one I would wear it.  I’m sure I would be breaking some fashion rules; but you only live once, so why not?)

You’ll need: Sinful Colors in Black on Black, Finger Paints in Paper Mâché, Milani in White Canvas, Milani in Black Sketch and Rimmel in Grey Matter

Step 1 ~ Prep Your Nails 

To ensure a lasting design, trim, shape and manicure as usual.  For additional instruction, check out my original Nail Tutorial.

Step 2 ~ Paint Your Nails

Paint the ring finger black.  (I used Sinful Colors in Black on Black.)

Coat the thumb with white polish.  (I used Finger Paints in Paper Mâché.)

And then paint a black tip on the middle and pinky fingers.


Step 3 ~ Create the Design

Using a white striper (I chose Milani in White Canvas), carefully paint a curly-Q on the ring finger.

Use a black striper (I went with Milani in Black Sketch) to paint another curly-Q on the index finger.

This will take a little practice; so be patient.

To ensure and even design, make sure your nail polish is fairly new.  It will give you a good, even flow.

Step 4 ~ Finish the Design

Use a striping brush to paint lines on the thumbnails.

I painted fuller grey lines over the white nails, then outlined the grey lines with black.
(I used Rimmel in Grey Matter.)


Step 5 ~ Seal the Deal

Allow your design to dry completely.  Add a top coat.  You are finished!

I hope you all enjoyed the design.  Thanks to little blog reader Malokia Cooper for requesting a Tim Burton-inspired design.

If YOU have any special requests, let me know and I’ll try to make a design for you!

Jessica Guyton, Makeup Artist and Enthusiast

Jessica Guyton loves her country ~ and makeup, too!

After 8 years of honorable service, she left the US Air Force (January, 2012) to realize her dream of becoming a Cosmetologist and Makeup Artist.

Jessica has been working with makeup for a little over four years and plans to attend school for her Cosmetology and Business licenses. Her goal is to open her own full-service salon.

In her spare time, Jessica enjoys practicing nail art and makeup with friends and family.

If you would like to see more of Jessica’s nail and make up designs, visit her on Facebook HERE.

If you have a specific question, a special request ~ or if you would like Jessica to do your makeup or nails, e-mail her at jessica.guyton84@gmail.comJessica does not charge for her services; but donations are always appreciated.

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  1. Gabrielle says

    Very Burton and very fun!

  2. Susan says

    That is so pretty. Sadly I have ham hands and stubby nails. But I love the look!

  3. Glad you all enjoy the design. 🙂

    @Susan…I completely understand. I use to have long nails but after working in a kitchen for the past year they are short and brittle. Maybe I can figure out a design that would look well for a short nail bed.

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