Ask Ellbee ~ Dry Skin

Dear Ellbee, I’m having problems with my skin.  I’m dry and flaky and itchy all over.  The dryness is occasionally an issue in the winter, but usually clears up by spring.  Not this time.  Plus I’m sort of red and splotchy. I’ve been using Nivea Lotion before bed, but it’s not really doing much.  Any suggestions? Thank you! Lori Hi, Lori. I recommend a trip to the dermatologist for you. Though weather changes can trigger skin problems of all kinds, {Read More}

Ask Ellbee ~ Summer Fashion

Dear Ellbee, What are the must-have pieces for Spring and Summer? Jennifer Hi, Jennifer. Hot styles for the warmer months include a myriad of options ~ everything from bra tops and lace dresses, to head-to-toe prints and scuba-inspired separates. How you wear them is as important as what you’re wearing:  Color blocking, layering and creative pattern-mixing are back with a vengeance. For those of us living life off the runway, some of the most wearable trends include tangerine-colored clothing, pleated {Read More}

Ask Ellbee ~ Thin Lips

Dear Ellbee, I have super-skinny lips.  Is there a certain shade of lipstick I can wear to make them look bigger? Shelby Hi, Shelby. To make thin lips appear plump, choose neutral shades in glossy, lip-plumping formulas. Stark, contrasting colors can minimize lips.  So look for beiges and barely-there pinks. Also, avoid matte color, which can make lips look dry and flat.  The shinier and more reflective the formula, the bigger your lips will seem. Here are a few application {Read More}

Ask Ellbee ~ Bangs

Dear Ellbee, OMG!  OMG!  I over-trimmed my bangs.  What do I do now? Kyra Hi, Kyra. No need to panic.  Your fringe will grow back.  In the meantime, here are a few easy tricks you can use to camouflage the situation: Take bangs completely out of the equation. But skip the hat.  Try a pretty headband instead.  Simply use the band to corral the long and short of it.Channel Emma Watson and give your hair a piecey look. Place a {Read More}

Ask Ellbee ~ Eyes

Dear Ellbee, I am of Asian descent. I really love the shape of my eyes, but wish they were bigger. Can you give me any tips or recommendations? Thanks, Leigh (PS I really enjoy your column!) Thank you, Leigh! Though Asian eyes come in assorted sizes, the flat lid can make them seem small. You can make them appear bigger by creating depth.  Simply define the crease. First, apply a light shadow over your entire eyelid.  Using a deeper but complimentary hue, {Read More}

Ask Ellbee ~ Cellulite

Dear Ellbee, I recently lost 22 pounds. I’m loving my new body, but bummed that cellulite is still an issue. How can I get rid of it? Natalie Hi, Natalie. You can’t completely eliminate cellulite. Nobody can. But as you’ve no doubt discovered, a healthy diet and regular exercise improve overall condition and tone, and result in general fat reduction. Beyond that, all treatments are temporary. For stubborn cellulite, dermatologists recommend lotions containing caffeinated ingredients to shrink fat cells. Again, {Read More}

Ask Ellbee ~ Breakouts

Dear Ellbee, I break out with a few ginormous zits every three or four weeks. I use a liquid concealer (Maybelline Mineral Powder), but it still looks caky. What’s the deal? Colleen Hi, Colleen. It may not be the product, but the process. If you’re working with the correct shade, that concealer should do fine. Let’s focus on the prep and application: Make sure your face is clean and dry. Use a cotton swab to treat your blemish with basic {Read More}

Ask Ellbee ~ Dry Skin

Dear Ellbee, Can you recommend a good moisturizer for dry, sensitive skin ~ that won’t cost me half of my paycheck? Thanks! Tressa Hi, Tressa. For normal to dry skin, I recommend Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion. A light moisturizer designed to hydrate and protect skin, it’s dye free, fragrance free, lanolin free ~ and easily qualifies as hypoallergenic (perfect for your sensitive skin). Lubriderm is non-greasy and ideal for both face and body.  Apply it right after you shower and {Read More}

Ask Ellbee ~ Sweater Fuzz

Dear Ellbee, I <3 my sweaters, but they’re looking rough.  Any tips on how I can save last Winter’s faves?  How do I get rid of the little balls? Michelle Hi, Michelle. Sounds like it’s time for a little sweater refresher…. Have a peek at the label for washing instructions.  Follow them using a gentle detergent for fine washables or delicates.  And, unless the label lists drier specifics, DO lay the garment flat to dry. Once your sweater is clean {Read More}

Ask Ellbee ~ Dresses

Dear Ellbee, I’m a curvy girl and I’m looking for the perfect dress for a holiday party.  I’ve tried on a few sheath dresses in hopes of showing off my curves tastefully, but they just make me look like a big blob.  Help! Maddie Hi, Maddie.   Sounds like you’re looking for a dress that’s both classic and form-fitting.     If a sheath isn’t showing off your shape properly, you’ll need something with a more clearly defined waistline.  Look {Read More}