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Dear Ellbee,

I <3 my sweaters, but they’re looking rough.  Any tips on how I can save last Winter’s faves?  How do I get rid of the little balls?


Hi, Michelle.

Sounds like it’s time for a little sweater refresher….

Have a peek at the label for washing instructions.  Follow them using a gentle detergent for fine washables or delicates.  And, unless the label lists drier specifics, DO lay the garment flat to dry.

Once your sweater is clean and dry, slip a sturdy piece of cardboard inside and pull the sweater around it until just slightly taut.

Take a moment to examine your sweater for snags or pulls.  Use scissors to cut away independent snags.  A crochet hook, thick sewing needle or even a toothpick can be used to move loose yarn back into place (work from the underside and pull though).

For an optimum sweater refresher, Ellbee recommends this handy $5 d-fuzz-it tool.

Use fingers to loosen and remove larger debris; then use a standard fine-tooth comb to remove the bigger lint balls.  Simply run the comb down the length of the sweater, taking care not to pull or catch the knit.

If you don’t have a fabric comb or de-fuzzing tool, you can use a clean single-blade razor to detach the finer fuzz.  Run the razor down the garment, top to bottom, using even, gentle strokes. Carefully remove any clogs in the razor as you go.

When you’re finished, use a lint roller or masking tape to pick up any loose material. Swipe the surface with a dryer sheet for a final freshen-up ~ and it’s ready to wear!

Bonus tip: Always fold your sweaters for optimum shaping. To preserve fibers, never stack more that three or four sweaters on top of one another.

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  1. Moe says

    OH, I have one of those defuzzers some where. It has been a while since I have had to defuzz anything but they are really handy. I used to do them in front of the tv as part of my multitasking. LOL


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