Ask Ellbee ~ Bangs

Dear Ellbee,

OMG!  OMG!  I over-trimmed my bangs.  What do I do now?


Hi, Kyra.

No need to panic.  Your fringe will grow back.  In the meantime, here are a few easy tricks you can use to camouflage the situation:

Take bangs completely out of the equation. But skip the hat.  Try a pretty headband instead.  Simply use the band to corral the long and short of it.Channel Emma Watson and give your hair a piecey look. Place a small amount of sculpting gel or styling mousse into the palms of your hands and work into bangs.  Twist hair into small sections, pulling out and down.  Play with ends until you get a shape that works.

Go girlie. Divide bangs into four or five sections.  Twist and secure with fun, decorative bobbies.

Try plaiting. Part your hair on the side and begin a French braid with the longest hair just past your bangs.  Bring the braid up over your forehead, working in the shorter bangs.  A little pomade will help tame any fly-away pieces.

Think “comely combover.” Since bangs will naturally be longest close to the side of your face, part your hair on the side.  Brush bangs across your forehead for a casual side-swept look.  If you have short hair, pull strands from behind and include them in the lineup.


Have fun and play with your new situation.  You never know….  You may just discover you prefer the shorter style.

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