Ask Ellbee ~ Eyes

Dear Ellbee,

I am of Asian descent. I really love the shape of my eyes, but wish they were bigger. Can you give me any tips or recommendations?


(PS I really enjoy your column!)

Thank you, Leigh!

Though Asian eyes come in assorted sizes, the flat lid can make them seem small.

You can make them appear bigger by creating depth.  Simply define the crease.

First, apply a light shadow over your entire eyelid.  Using a deeper but complimentary hue, brush color across the fold, about a quarter of an inch above your lash line.  Blend only minimally.

For additional impact, place the tiniest daub of Vaseline™ in the middle of your lid, just under the crease line you created.  Reflected light will visually “raise” your lid.

A light shimmer highlighter dotted on under the outer half of your brow will open up the eye just a bit more.

Curl eyelashes before applying mascara to add even more dimension.  Then go bat those beautiful eyes at someone special!


Nice eyeshadow palettes to try: L’Oreal Eyeshadow Duo (Classic Khakis), Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Duo (Pink Suede), Laura Mercier Eyeshadow (Book of Nudes) and Too Faced Shadow Collection (Natural at Night Sexy and Sultry Natural Eye)

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