Ask Ellbee ~ Cellulite

Dear Ellbee,

I recently lost 22 pounds. I’m loving my new body, but bummed that cellulite is still an issue. How can I get rid of it?


Hi, Natalie.

You can’t completely eliminate cellulite. Nobody can.

But as you’ve no doubt discovered, a healthy diet and regular exercise improve overall condition and tone, and result in general fat reduction. Beyond that, all treatments are temporary.

For stubborn cellulite, dermatologists recommend lotions containing caffeinated ingredients to shrink fat cells. Again, the results are temporary ~ and not terribly impressive.

Expensive spa treatments may diminish and minimize cellulite to a greater degree. But those treatments are, once again, only temporary.

For similar short-term results (without the big price tag) consume less salt, stay regularly hydrated and try massage.

Use a dry, natural bristle brush to stimulate circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage. Start at the ankle and move upward, working the brush in gentle, circular motions.








Above all else, revel in the knowledge that you are healthy and beautiful with or without the bonus dimples!

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  1. Fluffy Cow says

    Found on Pinterest:
    Cellulite is the body’s way of saying “I’m sexy” in Braille. 😉

  2. Jennifer says

    ❤❤❤ this!

  3. Thanks for this amazing article. You are right you re not gonna be able to banish cellulite but it can be greatly reduced. Thanks for sharing this!

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