Ask Ellbee ~ Breakouts

Dear Ellbee,

I break out with a few ginormous zits every three or four weeks. I use a liquid concealer (Maybelline Mineral Powder), but it still looks caky. What’s the deal?


Hi, Colleen.

It may not be the product, but the process. If you’re working with the correct shade, that concealer should do fine. Let’s focus on the prep and application:

Make sure your face is clean and dry. Use a cotton swab to treat your blemish with basic toner.

Cool and flatten the outbreak with an ice cube. Simply wrap ice in a thin flannel and hold it on the blemish for a minute.

Next, use a spot treatment product containing 10% benzoyl peroxide or 2% salicylic acid to help the healing process.

To cover the blemish, use a fingertip to apply liquid concealer ~ sparingly. Just a dot or two should do it. Don’t rub it into the spot, but pat it on and gently blend outward, away from the blemish. Do NOT apply powder.






Finish with your regular makeup routine ~ and don’t forget to wear a confident smile.

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