The Continuing Adventures of Shoe Girl

Volume 3, Chapter 4 Wonderful Winter Picks   I hope everyone had a filling and fulfilling Thanksgiving holiday! ~ And winter showed up. It’s not official for a couple more weeks, but it sure feels like I need some new winter shoes! These “Dacy” combat boots from Arizona Jean Co. are hardcore, yet the patterns keep them super sweet. The 6″ shaft will keep you warm, and they pair great with some skinny or bootcut jeans. There are tons of {Read More}

Ask Ellbee ~ The Statement Coat

Dear Ellbee, I keep reading about “statement” coats.  What exactly does that mean?  And will I be able to afford one?! Thank you! Marcie Dear Marcie, Like you, I’ve seen several references to the “statement coat” for fall.  The good news is it does not necessarily translate to “designer label.” A statement coat is simply a stand-out coat.  Think bright colors, specialty cuts and distinctive details. Traditional jacket, trench and overcoat designs are most commonly manufactured in beiges, browns, blacks {Read More}

As Sweater Weather Approaches…

Let’s revisit this “Ask Ellbee” post! Dear Ellbee, I <3 my sweaters, but they’re looking rough.  Any tips on how I can save last Winter’s faves?  How do I get rid of the little balls? Michelle Hi, Michelle. Sounds like it’s time for a little sweater refresher…. Have a peek at the label for washing instructions.  Follow them using a gentle detergent for fine washables or delicates.  And, unless the label lists drier specifics, DO lay the garment flat to {Read More}

The Continuing Adventures of Shoe Girl

It’s been a rainy summer; and fall is right around the corner.  The good news?  Boots are back!  Neutral, earthy tones are everywhere. There are some fun shoe picks for the fall season ahead.  I did my shopping at Belk, but these brands are available everywhere! This season’s casual pick is Lucky’s “Davie.”  It is reminiscent of a saddle shoe, but without the distracting two tones.  Available in Brown or Black, these flats are cute yet old-fashioned, and would lend themselves {Read More}

The Continuing Adventures of Shoe Girl

Volume 3, Chapter 2  Keepin’ It Cool One definition of carnival is “an exciting or riotous mixture of something.” Let me tell you, Shoe Carnival is a perfect embodiment of that definition! In addition to the huge selection, Shoe Carnival also has amazing prices. With each of this summer’s featured picks being on sale for under $30 (I KNOW!), I threw in two additional shoes just for fun.  You’ll definitely be able to keep it cool this summer with any {Read More}

DIY Jewelry with Stacey: Easy Breezy Floatin’ Beadsies

The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. It’s summertime! It’s time to lighten things up. It’s the time of year I put away those boots and bring out the flip-flops (we’ll just pretend I haven’t really been wearing them all along.) It’s the time of year I cut my hair a little bit shorter than usual. It’s the time of year I stop wearing so much jewelry because it’s heavy and irritating in the hot sun. {Read More}

Now Trending: Making a Statement

Please welcome little blog’s accessory correspondent, Victoria Howle! Getting dressed can be a complicated dance of color, pattern and neutrals. You can pull it all together, though, with a few well-placed accessories. A statement necklace is any bold necklace in the category of color or sheer size. And these oversized adornments? Well, they’re currently the hottest fashion trend on the runway.   When choosing a statement necklace be sure to consider your size and frame: If you are petite, you {Read More}

May You Always…

Happy May, my little blog peeps! I hope this little love note finds each of you well, enjoying the return of all things green. As Springtime settles in, this lovely little song by Larry Markes and Dick Charles sums up my every wish for you….   May You Always May you always walk in sunshine, Slumber warm when night winds blow. May you always live with laughter, For a smile becomes you so. May good fortune find your doorway. May the {Read More}

DIY Jewelry with Stacey: Mo’ Jump Rings

It may not be well known, but I love to make chainmail jewelry. You’re probably thinking “Chainmail? That stuff the medieval knights wore?” Yeah, that’s the origins of it. But with the creativity of modern artists, there are so many beautiful items that can be made using age old materials. Today chainmail can refer to any of the “weaves” or patterns of connecting jump rings together. One of my favorite weaves is called Mobius Flowers. Once you learn how to {Read More}

“little peep” PRIZE from little blog

a little peep from little blog: Say “yes” to animal print ~ but mind the fit. Clingy, too-tight pieces look “cheap.” Do you remember the character pictured here? Name her, and the artist who played her, and win a little something from little blog! Leave your guesses in the comments section below. Winner selected at random and announced this evening. UPDATE! Congratulations, Paula Hansen!  You are little blog’s little peep winnah! Many thanks to all who participated. Please visit again {Read More}