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Please welcome little blog’s accessory correspondent, Victoria Howle!

NowTrendingLogoGetting dressed can be a complicated dance of color, pattern and neutrals.

You can pull it all together, though, with a few well-placed accessories.

A statement necklace is any bold necklace in the category of color or sheer size.

And these oversized adornments? Well, they’re currently the hottest fashion trend on the runway.

This is a playful twist on the popular "bubble" necklace!

This is a playful twist on the popular “bubble” necklace.


When choosing a statement necklace be sure to consider your size and frame: If you are petite, you don’t want your necklace to be overwhelming. And, if you’re larger, you don’t want your necklace to get lost.

The addition of a statement necklace can make your outfit flow harmoniously. It is a great way to freshen your look and can even make those boring clothes in the back of your closet a little more exciting!

Look for eye-catching shapes (like those featured in the necklace on the left, above) and bright pops of color (at right, above) for Spring.

Unusual or varying textures draw interest.  Seek out pieces that feature unique combinations.  Shop around for fun metal mixes, too.

This necklace provides interest with colors and textures!

This necklace provides interest with colors and textures!

Choose a piece that speaks to you.  When you put on an accessory that you love, not only will it catch people’s eyes, it will show how you feel about yourself.

How will you make a statement this spring? Let me know in the comments!

These necklaces (and much, much more) can be found at Bleu Virtue Boutique.


Victoria_HowleVictoria Howle is a vibrant 17 year old from Western North Carolina. She loves anything fashion, from cute dresses to rock star haircuts.

Among her likes are art, testing Gabrielle Howle’s recipes, her dog Sophie, volunteering at the library and any Owl City song. She also enjoys organizing things ~ especially in color order!



  1. Gabrielle says

    Ooh, how fun! Great colors and ideas!

  2. Jennifer says


  3. Pam says

    I have a statement necklace that looks like a big beaded collar. I’m wearing that one a lot!

  4. Malokia Steele-Cooper says

    Gorgeous! I am usually very conservative w/my jewelry, but this makes even me want to branch out a bit!

  5. Victoria says

    @Pam- Collar necklaces are great! Sounds like you are making a beautiful statement!

    @Malokia- You should look for statement pieces in a solid color or all metal. It would be a good way to keep on trend and stay true to yourself!

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