“little peep” PRIZE from little blog

chera little peep from little blog:

Say “yes” to animal print ~ but mind the fit.

Clingy, too-tight pieces look “cheap.”

Do you remember the character pictured here?

Name her, and the artist who played her, and win a little something from little blog!

Leave your guesses in the comments section below.

Winner selected at random and announced this evening.


Congratulations, Paula Hansen!  You are little blog’s little peep winnah!

Many thanks to all who participated.

Please visit again soon.  And bring your friends!  Because little blog has more great prizes and giveaways ~ just around the corner!


  1. Amy Chadbourne says:

    That’s Cher playing Laverne Lashinski on the Sonny and Cher show 🙂

  2. Gabrielle says:

    I recognized the actual person (Cher) but had to google to find the Laverne part! I usually keep the animal print to shoes 😉

  3. Angel says:

    The character Cher is portraying in Laverne Lashinski played by Penny Marhall.

  4. MissChievous says:

    Same here, I knew it was Cher but had to search for who she was playing.

  5. Pam says:

    I remember watching the Sonny and Cher show! That IS Cher as “Laverne.”

  6. Bubbaloo Magoo says:

    Oooo!! Oooo!! Its Lucille Ball dressed up as Peg Bundy!!! I won, right?!


  7. wassamatta_u says:

    Me! Me! It’s ME!!!!

    Ok, well, I remember watching the SOnny and Cher show as a kid, so I recognized Laverne right away… even is she IS doing a bangup impersonation of ME!!!!

  8. tigs says:

    Oh, Bubs. . . *smh* can i disown him?

    It’s Cher, playing Laverne – can we all hear the accent now??


  9. tigs says:

    and the gum – can you hear the gum cracking?? 😉

  10. Jennifer says:

    Does anyone remember the giant dangling pearl earrings “Laverne” would wear from time to time? Oh, how I coveted those hideous things! (And, yes, I can totally hear the cracking of the gum!)

  11. Paula Hansen says:

    At the risk of sounding redundant, I’ll say it’s Cher, in the character of LaVerne. I loved the Sonny & Cher Show when I was a kid. It was so campy, sometimes.

  12. Jennifer says:

    Congratulations, Paula Hansen! You are little blog’s little peep winnah!

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