What’s the Story, Morning Glory?

Most of you know I am a total Twit-Wit.  I tweet daily, multiply and obsessively.  And while I feel certain that a twittervention is imminent, I will continue to get my tweet on until somebody assembles a dozen or so of my closest friends to stop me.

This morning, as I gingerly fished my bling-encrusted iPhone out from underneath my pillow (told you I had it bad), thumbed the Twitter feed and watched it load, I was pleased to see a new TJ joining in the early morning fun.

Storyboard Brand Jeans™, a start-up denim company with ties to California and the UK, was up with the birds and happily tweeting tips for jean lovers everywhere.  Nifty!

In addition to the great tips, there were wonderful asides — things like “Understand this:  The majority of women in this world are not straight up and down but do, in fact, have curves….” and “Our basic idea is that core size ranges needs to evolve and expand to include a much larger portion of the female buying population….”

Refreshing.  And totally RT-worthy (that’s “re-tweet” for those of you who have not yet caught bird flu).

Intrigued, I reached out to Storyboard and asked them to send over their top 10 tips for plus women.  Their useful collective appears below.

While Storyboard Brand Jeans™ are not yet being manufactured, I like the philosophy behind them. Their tip tweets lead me to believe that, in terms of sizing and fit (not to mention ideology), they “get it.” As such, I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes open for the SBJ hangtag. And listening out for the little twitterings of “coming soon” tweets.

Storyboard Brand Jean’s Top 10 Tips

  1. For women with wider hips and thighs, opt for jeans that will balance proportions.  Straight leg or boot cut styles will suit your silhouette best.
  2. Black and dark indigo jeans are the best colour choice to flatter a curvy women’s shape.
  3. The best way to extend the life of your jeans is to wash them LESS frequently.  Denim is a naturally degradable fabric and does not require a lot of laundering.  AVOID putting your jeans in the dryer whenever possible, too.
  4. When you buy jeans, fit them as tightly as possible while still being able to squat and sit (they will stretch out after 3 or 4 wearings).  For every inch you are able to pull the jeans away at the side waistband, go down a size.*
  5. For best coverage, purchase jeans that have a higher rise in the back (approximately 13 inches) with contoured waistbands.  Medium rises (about 8.5 inches) will also provide support while remaining modern.
  6. If you have a larger bum, back pockets should not feature motifs or designs.  Pockets should be of medium size and not too spaced out across the rear end (which gives the illusion of a wider bum).
  7. If you find a pair of jeans you love but they cut into the middle of your waist, fit for a higher rise.  This creates hour-glass shaping and prevents “muffin top.”
  8. Choose jeans that contain a good mix of cotton and elastane/lycra/T-400.  They’ll hold you in and create a smooth line. Jeans containing Rayon are particularly comfortable, soft — and stretchy enough to wear all day long.
  9. If you wish to lift your derrière, look for flap pockets.  They create height and movement.
  10. Trendy jeans styles can be worn by everyone.  Find the styles that flatter your shape and express the trend.  Just keep the details simple.

*little blog asked a follow-up regarding the most common plus size fit issue:  Many plus women have to “go big” to accommodate hips and thighs.  The result is a gaping waistband.  What’s the solution?

Storyboard:  That’s where our brand comes in.  Our jeans will be designed and manufactured to accommodate for that issue.  We understand that jeans sizing is still very much misunderstood with regard to the correct fit, even in the plus-size market.

(If there is an issue with your jeans) tailoring is probably the best answer.  Wearing a belt is also a good option.

If you are referring to the gape that occurs in the back of the jeans, every women has a different back dip.  Opt for a contoured waistband.  A higher back rise will also help with an ill-fitting waist.

Storyboard Brand Jeans™ is a start-up premium denim company that designs, manufactures and distributes denim jeans for women with curves.  They will offer simple modern jeans styles as well as contemporary trend styles, all carefully constructed and designed to complement natural body curves — comfortably.

Storyboard Brand Jeans™ promotes inclusiveness:  Rather than creating a separate “plus-size” range, Storyboard includes a wider range of core sizing.


  1. Cat says

    “Rather than creating a separate “plus-size” range, Storyboard includes a wider range of core sizing.”

    I love that! I wish more brands would do this. I don’t understand why there must be separate (and usually unequal) “plus-size” lines.

  2. Jennifer says

    I know! How cool is that? Hope to see Storyboard up and running soon!


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