The Total Package

I love my little blog gig….

I enjoy writing and layout. It’s fun connecting with readers. And, with the focus on beauty and fashion, it’s the perfect excuse to go ahead and pick up that extra tube of lipstick ~ for little blog review purposes, of course.

Another perk of this not-a-job blog is that, occasionally, I receive an unexpected goody in the mail. Small makeup companies, start-up fashion enterprises and even health-driven businesses (encouraged, I’m sure, by the “plus-size” hashtag in my frequent tweets) contact me for sizing information, color preferences and an address, then surprise me with a complimentary product or service, looking for a little PR on little blog.

I’m more than happy to oblige. Because as per my disclosure page, I am all about word-of-mouth marketing standards ~ with the emphasis on honesty. And, well, if a company believes its product is good enough to risk a less-than-favorable review, then it’s probably worth my while to have a look-see.

The majority of free previews I receive are true quality fare. I enjoy sharing this information with my subscribers, and generally tweet about these items or write a short review post. But every so often I receive a press package with a sampling of goods so exceptional, it feels a little like Christmas. And I feel the need to share more than just a mention with my readers. I received such a package just a couple of weeks ago.

I knew it was going to be good from the moment I pulled off the tape and folded back the flaps. There, nestled in bright pink tissue, was a black apparel box so plainly elegant it called to mind the old millinery-style hat boxes.

Embossed with the brand name “YOEK” and tied with a black satin bow, it was almost too pretty to open. In fact, I made myself just sit there and savor the lost art of fine presentation.

When I couldn’t stand it any longer, I pulled off the ribbon and lifted the lid. Pushing aside more colorful paper, I discovered a handsome woolen coat. It was long and heavy and beautifully detailed with epaulettes, wide lapels, flap pockets and bold cuffs ~ a military-style piece perfectly accented with big, brass buttons.

I could not wait to put it on.

The YOEK brand Military Coat is well designed and masterfully constructed. Produced in the Netherlands where women are particularly womanly and often tall, YOEK provides a generous cut and ample length. Lines follow natural body contours, while princess seaming provides a bit more definition in just the right places.

Follow the sizing chart and YOEK’s fit is superb. Cuff buttons are functional, allowing the wearer to adjust sleeve length or tszuj for styling. Expert tailoring ensures a multitude of options for personal resizing should there be a need.

Materials are a cut above. Wool is beautifully blended with polyester and combined with viscose, providing give to the garment ~ and a soft-to-the-touch feel. The single hook and eye closure is of lasting quality.

Workmanship is outstanding: seams are neat; buttons are secure; coat and pocket linings are nicely finished.

The overall appearance of YOEK’s military coat is high-end. The design is on-trend, but conservative enough to read “classic.” As such, it could certainly be considered an investment piece, justifying the $490 price tag. Dry clean only.

More about YOEK

Thoroughly impressed with my lovely new coat, I took a virtual trip to the Netherlands to visit the YOEK brand and learn more about the line.

The website is a veritable wonderland of flirty fashion for women’s sizes 8 through 28!

The Fall collection features a wide variety of separates, dresses and finishing pieces. Major players include bright reds, bold leopard prints and vivid flame patterns. Stand-out designs include silky ruffled animal print dresses, clever trompe l’oeil tops, beaded leather jackets and fabulous faux furs.

The overall feeling at YOEK is “upscale-trendy.” But there are also plenty of basics for sale: Camis, tees, lingerie, leggings ~ even boyfriend jeans help you complete your look. And YOEK’s basics with a twist (like the velvet leggings) allow you to customize for style!

Explore the site, and find yourself inspired. There are so many pretty things and creative styling options from YOEK. Here are just a few of my favorite looks for the season:

Yep. I knew it was going to be good from the moment I saw that beautiful box….

I’ve enjoyed my experience with the YOEK brand, which offers exceptional design, fit and quality. Clearly the package from the Netherlands is the total package.


  1. Pam says

    What a gorgeous coat!

  2. Carli says

    I’m a big fan of the military trend and love the brass buttons down the front like that. Love it mixed with the dressy skirt, too. 😀

  3. Christine says

    Very cool coat . I like the hat, too. Is that also from Yoek?

  4. Jennifer says

    YOEK is offering a free leopard tote to one lucky Facebook fan!
    Like them here:

  5. Cat says

    That is a fabulous coat! I stopped at Nordstrom Rack this afternoon and bought the first proper winter coat I’ve had in many years. We don’t get much use out of ’em here, but last year we had a very cold snap and I was wishing I had a good coat for about two weeks!

  6. Jennifer says

    Thanks, Christine. The coat IS amazing ~ not just pretty, but warm, too. 🙂 The coat is all YOEK; the hat is a $5 dealio from a few years back.

  7. Lucille says

    OMG ! I just received my Yoek package and it was very nice ~~ with a bonus gift of tights! I got the coat on sale and free shipping too. They are a class act. My advice is they should post american sizes, too!

  8. Jennifer says

    So glad you were happy with your purchase, Lucille. YOEK goods are on-trend and well-made. I know you will love wearing the coat next Fall!


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