The Cowboy Way

Extra points for skipping the hat, huh?

A few weeks ago, Mr. Wonderful invited me to “cowboy up” and attend the Mountain State Fair. So I did. Literally.

I threw on my favorite plaid shirt (a short blousy dress, actually, in shades of Carolina Blue), a well-used fit and flare denim skirt (I dread the day that those fibers finally give way) and my Frye hybrid boots (newly worn in and oh, so comfortable).

I added a mix of vintage silver Taxco accessories and sparkly stretch bracelets, grabbed an old sweater and stopped just long enough for a snapshot before riding off into the sunset with my pod’ner.

Here’s how the look came together:


  1. Fluffy Cow says

    I love the boots… just rugged enough. If my Ariats ever bite the dust I’m going to be in SO much trouble!!

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