The Continuing Adventures of Shoe Girl

Volume 2, Chapter 2
Peeps and T’s, If You Please

Shoe Girl here with some wild and crazy (and some fabulously demure) shoe picks for summer!

From casual to “wowzer,” there’s a shoe out there for everyone!

Capris and bermudas will go great with Charlotte Russe’s peep-toe canvas cork wedge (style: TALENT 265) this summer.

The canvas fabric upper keeps it casual, but the wedge heel kicks it up a notch.

With a 3.75″ heel and a half-inch platform, it’s manageable; and with a price point well under $20, you can get one in every color!  Navy, Olive, and Red.  $16.49

Charlotte Russe “Talent 265” Cork Wedge Peep Toes ($16)

T-strap heels are a big hit this season.  Not only are they bold, but they add a bit of security as well.  Jessica Simpson’s “Bansi” is a gorgeous example of this hit.

The daring 4.7″ heel is complimented by a reptile-print platform.  Even if it’s too tall to actually wear, it sure is lovely to look at!  Extended sizes available.  Bone and Black.  $89.00

Jessica Simpson Bansi T-Straps ($89)

Summer’s a perfect time to dress up while staying cool in sandals.  The Shoe Department’s “It’s OK Francis” can accommodate.

It has a 2.5″ heel, keeping it simple yet stylish.  The bead detailing down the front adds some shine, and the adjutable buckle and strap make it fit just right.  Pewter and Black.  $19.98

“It’s OK Francis” Sandal by Shoe Department ($19.99)

One More Shoe!
Of course the bonus shoe this season is another sandal!  Mossimo Supply Co.’s “Winifred” Braided Flat Sandal is cute and different.

An asymmetrical strap across your foot differs from the t-strap look, but is still trendy.

Pair them with shorts for a cool afternoon, or with a sundress for a casual evening look.  Turquoise, Luggage, and Coral.  $14.99

The “Winifred” Sandal by Mossimo Supply Co. ($14.99)

Be sure to check back this fall for the hottest shoe picks when the weather cools down!

Shoe Girl’s Alter Ego, Kelli Leach

Kelli is actually a crazy cat lady, but with fun fashion sense.

She recently broke out of the retail business and is now an Event Sales Administrator at PLI in Asheville, NC.  Luckily, her love for shoes is innate, and she is excited about bringing you shoes from a wider range of retailers.

She never misses an episode of Modern Family.

In her spare time she enjoys writing, ballet and belly dancing, zumba, and trying new adventures such as parasailing, dirtbike riding, and zipline-ing.

The words she lives by?  “Hakuna Matata.”


  1. Gabrielle says

    Great post! Shoes are the best place to add a little extra color and these are fun choices to keep an eye out for!

  2. Cat says

    I wish I could wear those cork wedge heels! Alas, they are too high for me, but they sure are cute.

  3. Jennifer says

    I was surprised to find I can actually go “higher” in a wedge. They are infinitely more comfy than regular heels!

  4. Cat says

    My problem with high heels is that my left big toe has been surgically fused so that it has no joints (thanks, RA!). It can’t bend to fit into heels, stand on tippy-toe, etc., so if a heel is too high it’s physically impossible to get my foot into it. I suffer.

  5. Jennifer says

    ow-ie ow-ie ow-ie ow-ie
    That does not sound conducive at all, Cat. Good thing there are SO many super-cute flats out there.

    The brands I love most for comfort without sacrificing style are Naturalizer and Sofft. They have some GREAT flat designs. Also, have you seen Tom’s new ballet flats? Adorable! And they look pretty comfy.

    How about you? Any good recommendations you’d like to share?

  6. Cat says

    Sofft does make some really cute, wearable heels. I also have good luck with Fluevogs, but they’re pricey, so I always wait for a good clearance sale. Other favorites: Seychelles, Sam Edelman, and Cole Haan Air. I also love my Hunter ballet flats! I haven’t tried the Tom’s ballet flats yet, but they’re on my list. I practically live in ballet flats these days.

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