The Big Birthday Idea

UnknownSo it’s my friend’s birthday today.

And this morning I think I should break out my ukulele and record a little “Happy Birthday” arrangement to send via the e-.

Then I get to thinking, maybe I should record a generic version of the song, one that I can use over and over again for all my family and friends.

And then I got the funny idea to do this:

[audio:|titles=Generic Birthday]

It is fair to say that I have too much time on my hands.  But I’m totally covered on birthdays for the next year.


  1. Julie Katt says:

    And by the way, the friend LOVED the song, personalized and all! It was a perfect birthday surprise. If I closed my eyes, I could imagine you were in my living room singing to me! 🙂

  2. Jenny says:

    So much fun to do! I’m so glad your birthday was happy, Jules! 😉

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