Quickie Christmas Poll

Christmas is on the way. I’m curious:  Do you prefer giving or getting?
Be honest (nobody’s looking). And then pass this poll onto others.
Poll closes at midnight on December 5th!


  1. Nice job, little bloggers! We have a record number of respondents for a not-even-a-day-old poll. Pass it on and keep the votes coming….

  2. Jennifer says

    And the results are in…. Thanks for a great response!

  3. Dee Dee Parker says

    I love your blog! Thanks for all the tips and the fun posts.
    The hat is just toooooo cute. Be on your best behavior when you wear it.

    Dee Dee

  4. Jennifer Allen says

    Thanks, Dee Dee! Good to see you here. And glad you’re enjoying the posts. As for good behavior, HOW LONG have you known me?

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