Please Say It’s So So So

Is there an echo in here?  Because I’ve heard it before:  the promise of designer fashion in plus sizes.

The first time was in 1988….  I was living in New York, freshly signed to the Ford “Big Beauties” division and modeling a never-ending stream of ready-to-wear nightmares.  Behind-the-scene chatter suggested designer label plus wear was right around the corner.  I wanted to believe, but wisely did not hold my breath.

When Emme emerged as the first plus supermodel in the early ‘90’s, talk of plus couture popped up again.  Women with curves were requesting it.  But designers were either unwilling or unable to oblige.

The Style Network launched in 1999 and, over the course of the next decade, developed an assortment of programs featuring everything fashion.  The result?  Larger women weren’t just asking for it, they were demanding it:  real fashion in extended sizes.  A handful of designers answered the call.  But sizing was still limited.

Just this week Saks Fifth Avenue made a buzz-worthy announcement:  They will be expanding high fashion collections to include sizes 16 and 18.  The release cautions that upsizes will only be available in select stores; and the feature photo is dated 2005.  So, by all means, keep drawing breath.  But the fact that this article has created interest among designers like Marc Jacobs is heartening.


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