Open Season

Yep. Women are gatherers. We go through life collecting and cataloging continuously without even thinking about it. How else could we possibly know the answers to questions like “Honey, where are my gray socks with the little swirly things on them?” (in the second drawer, on the right, near the front)? ~ And, really, why would our men even have gray socks with swirly things on them to begin with?

It’s easy to pursue and accrue color-coordinated sock options for the boys, attractive and comfortable dressings for our homes, and the assorted and sundry grocery items which keep our homes and the people in them functioning. Doing it on a budget, though, requires skills more suited to hunting.

For necessities, you’ll need a simple slingshot. Check the ads and circulars, make a list, google for coupons, plan the smartest errand route and go out and (POP!) get it. Wait one week. Repeat.

Extras and non-essentials require a bit more prowess. Better grab the double barreled shotgun for this. Because, in addition to tracking impractical items, you’ll be required to (BOOM! BOOM!) sneak up and capture them at practical prices ~ to justify the purchase, of course.

The good news is that end-of-season sales at department stores, consignment shops and higher-end thrift stores have provided hunting grounds so rich, it’s like going on safari at Busch Gardens. I have, on occasion, gone out and killed entire outfits, completely accessorized them and dragged the whole ensemble back to the cave for under $25.

I recently encountered such a sale at a local Belk store. Many Summer items had been marked down, marked down and marked down again. The store, in an attempt to move it all out and make room for Fall and Winter stock, was offering an additional 40% off of already-slashed prices. ~ Like shooting fish in a barrel, baby.

Here’s what I bagged:

Brass Ring $9 (originally $40); ND Open Knit Poncho $8 (originally $39); Fossil Leather Belt $6 (originally $38); Ruby Red Metallic Leopard Bag $24 (originally $79)


  1. Sarah Kyne says

    That shell ring is really pretty. Can you tell me the brand?

  2. Jennifer says

    Hi, Sarah.

    I wish I had a definitive answer for you. However in this case, the original tag was missing. There was a substitute tag attached to the ring with just the sku number and a price. If I were to guess the brand … I’d go Ruby Red or Red Camel.

  3. Pam says

    Love, love, love that bag!

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