One ‘Appy Girl

I love nerds.  I adore dorks.  And computer geeks?  Well, their exceptional brains and pure hearts make me swoon.  I truly believe the “geeks shall inherit the earth.”  Lucky for me I married one.

Mr. Wonderful and I are currently celebrating 22 years of marital bliss.  He is the best thing that ever happened to me.  And though we didn’t always speak the same language (we weren’t exactly from the same motherboard), we’ve each learned the other’s particular (or is that peculiar) dialect.

While Mr. Wonderful discovered the art of dressing well and assorted social graces, I caught a few waves on the web and mastered blogging, vlogging and tweeting.  Mr. Wonderful coached me through commands, code, cookies and CAPTCHA.  Oh, and I picked up my fair share of keystroking techniques along the way, too.  I never thought it possible, but this Geek Squad groupie is now an actual member.

Beyond the 1’s and 0’s, my love of fashion precipitated a need to seek out and consider for purchase every computer accessory known to man.  That eventually led to an interest in handheld devices and the acquisition my beloved iPhone, ever-present and bling-encrusted (and which they will one day have to pry from my cold, dead fingers).

Simply Postcards is Available at the iPhone App Store (Coming Soon to a Droid Near You!)

As the relationship with my bling phone evolved, so did my interest in “all things app.”  I guess you could say that I am one ‘appy girl. Which brings me to my latest obsession:  Simply Postcards — an application that allows you to take a picture and, with the push of a few buttons, mail it as a real postcard — from your freakin’ phone.

How amazing is that?

Free to download and easy to use, the first card is on Simply Postcards.  And one single mailing is all it takes to catch the SP spirit.  Snap a photo, edit from within the app, pick a border and add a note.  Hit send and set into motion the magic that will produce an actual postcard — and a service that will mail it for you.

They even lick the stamp.  😉  Nice.

The application is compatible with iPad, iPhone or via the Web and, as per the Simply Postcards people, available for Droid next week.  Suh-weet.


  1. Pam says

    I use this app all the time. My little cousins LOVE getting a postcard with THEM on it!

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