October 1st? Seriously?

Time is a funny thing….

I used to be able to squeeze every second out of each minute.  I’d skillfully navigate all the waking hours, fitting in work and play and, yes, even the minutiae.

Now I’m lucky to navigate myself out of my pajamas before high noon.

While I have and always have had an uncanny sense of the actual time (I know, for instance, that it’s almost 11 am without having to glance at a clock), I no longer seem to be able to manage it.

The weeks and months fly by.  I rarely know what day it is anymore.  And, well, that might explain the October 2nd post date on a piece titled “October 1st? Seriously?”


I’m not certain if it’s that I actually have less time, or that I simply choose to ignore the portion of it which is filled with anything less than the instantly gratifying.  (Okay, that’s a lie.  It’s totally because I ignore the stuff that’s not instantly gratifying.)

If I were younger and in a regular 9 to 5 job situation, that might be a problem….  Sadly, I am considerably older than I was at birth.  Thankfully, I have orchestrated my life so I can be selective about which jobs I accept.  I usually base this on (1) pay rate and (2) how the booking might interfere with personal play time.  (Another lie.  It’s all about the personal play time.)

Time IS, after all, the new money.

So, lately, I’ve been marking my time by the season.  “Winter, spring, summer and fall” are infinitely easier to keep up with than various weekdays, numeric dates and actual months.  And really, the weather keeps me abreast of any truly significant changes ~ including those on the clock.

Seems to me we should be “falling back” pretty soon.  Which is what made me look at the calendar yesterday.  Which precipitated the whole “October 1st? Seriously?” thing.  And, with that, I wish you a “Happy Fall.”

To celebrate the change of seasons, little blog would like to gift one lucky reader the perfect fall accessory:  this Kathy Van Zeeland animal print shoulder bag!

The bag is constructed of sturdy but lightweight textured, woven fabric with metallic threading.  Multiple pockets are located both on the front and inside the bag, which is beautifully lined with a satiny pink print.  Silver hardware, including decorative buckles, studs and extra-large embossed zipper pull tabs, round out the design.

Want to win the gorgeous Kathy Van Zeeland Bag?

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One lucky little blog reader will be selected at random.  Winner announced on October 25th.



Congratulations to Yolanda Mason ~ little blog’s lucky winner!

Many thanks to all who posted, liked and shared.

Please visit again soon.  And bring your friends!  Because little blog has more great prizes and giveaways ~ just around the corner!



  1. malokia Steele-Cooper says

    I say that’d definitely be a fave bag of mine for fall, winter…anytime. Or a good sturdy classic Burberry Plaid…can never go wrong w/plaid! Looks like I’m in the minority w/my answer to the poll idea I inspired…come on, peeps dress up w/your kids! As insecure as I am, I will happily share a pic of me as Wonder Woman (freezing, no doubt), & Dodge as Captain America. Closest coordinating girl costume I can find! I love fall.

  2. MissChievous says

    I wanna win! This is my only entry though since I don’t have FB or twitter. It’s my birth month though!!! This would be my favorite bag for fall 😉

  3. Angel says

    Time is, indeed, a funny thing….

  4. tigs says

    my fav bag is a new one – bought at JFK, believe it or not, stuck on a layover. Black, washable vinyl with leather strap and silver hardware, a gazillion good solid pockets. Love it, love it, love it! small but flexible.

    Now that one up there? perfect compliment, for when the black one won’t do – and STILL has the silver hardware. (i am just not a gold kind o’ gal)

  5. Pam says

    That is a beautiful bag! I use classic leather backpacks ~ but have been encouraged by friends to get a “real bag” ~ you know, one I have to actually hold. Maybe this could be the one!

  6. Katherine-Paige says

    My favorite bag is my large gray Kathy VanZealand bag for fall! Goes great with my black boots and darker clothes!

  7. IrishInks says

    That bag is gorgeous! I have a smaller Kathy Van Zee bag that I bought as a goody for myself (and supposedly my daughter, but I don’t share well, smiles) a couple years ago at tax time. I’m not much of a purse carrying person but I love that bag! It’s just the right size to hold my stuff and not be too big AND the straps were a great length. So many times the bag is a great size and the straps are too short.

  8. Sheba says

    Black leather Fossil mini bag. (Also my go-to bag for winter, spring & summer!)

  9. My favorite bag came from Cabelas and can double as a purse or a letterboxing bag. A real purse??? I don’t have one so it might be nice to win one!

  10. Lisa says

    I like anything with a little edge. And this one has it. LOVE the studs! Pick me! Pick me!
    (Also tweeted and liked.)

  11. Lucille says

    I really don’t need the bag as I have two closets worth of them and far less money to fill them because I spent all of it on them, but I do need to smile, and that’s where u come in.
    I just wanted to say you are a great writer. I feel every word u put on paper. God has given u true talent.

  12. Jennifer says

    Awwww…. Thank you!

  13. Susan says

    Well that “Van Z” would be my new perfect favorite fall bag! I just pulled out last years favorite and I’ve been told by girlfriends that the backpack sans books should go back in the closet. The boys are grown enough to carry thier own stuff and I need to switch from mommy all the time back to being a girl and carry lady stuff. Now that I think about it, there are a lovely pair of shoes at Macy’s that would go just perfect with that. Hmmm….well we shall see. Thank you for the opportunity.

  14. Cheryll Dale says

    That would make a great gift for my SIL for Christmas. She is very glitzy, or loves the glitz, shall we say… Sure would save me the hassle of picking out something for her to win it. lol. I’m just an old fuddy dud when it comes to buying anything new, never can satisfy my taste in clothes, that fit or look right. Everything you pick seem to hit the spot, however. Thanks for a great blog of help…and fun. OD

  15. Red bird says

    I love the Kathy Van Zeeland bags and purses! My favorite for a few years was a russet red/brown textile with turquoise and gold threads that ran throughout it. I got many compliments on it , but unfortunately I dropped the entire thing in a very deep and muddy puddle last fall. It’s the first time I held a funeral for a purse.
    This season I’m carrying a funky red and cream leather triangular shaped bag that was given as a gift. I like it but it’s on the small side.

  16. Cat says

    I LOVE autumn! I’m so excited that it’s finally October.

    My new favorite fall bag is my new peacock Anytime Bag by Brahmin. It’s perfect! (Note: Chances are it will also be my favorite winter, spring, and summer bag. Anytime Bag, indeed.)

  17. Jennifer says

    You can see Cat’s bag on her Dangerously Luxe blog here: http://www.dangerouslyluxe.com/2012/10/05/brahmin-anytime-bag/

  18. Jennifer says

    That IS a pretty bag!

  19. Gabrielle says

    BWAHAHAHA!!! Mona Lisa Vito!!! Thanks, Cat- I needed that!

    I just picked up a cute little cross body turquoise bag just big enough to hold the essentials! 😉 I love a little color or detail!

  20. Amy says

    I don’t usually go for such glitz, but that print is nice, I think it would work for me. My friends just wouldn’t recognize me with it (-:

  21. Blue Butterfly says

    What better way to fall into the autumn leaves, than with this bag! Love it!

  22. jad_juniper says

    I not only need a fall bag, I need a new one period!! I’ve had the same one for a year, this can’t be right!

  23. I tend to carry one bag all year long. One of my (4) sisters keeps giving me her castaways. I don’t complain; she’s spoiled and gets a Coach bag every season, so I get last season’s. My favorite is a black hobo style cause it’s huge and I can fit everything in it. It is also my least favorite because it’s huge and I can’t find anything in it.

  24. Sandi Slusser says

    You know; I’m not a blotter. I took one look at this KVZ and my heart started to sing. Then I was really hooked when I saw the lining. Oh please say she’ll be mine(pretty sure I already have the shoes that will match)!

  25. I love animal print; all prints in all ways!

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