Nivea’s Kiss a Keeper

If you read the little blog post Kiss This One Off, you know I’m always on the lookout for a great moisturizing lip balm.  Last week I picked up a fat blue tube of Nivea “A Kiss of Smoothness” Hydrating Lip Care (SPF4).  Just six days later, I’m fully impressed.

Nivea's "A Kiss of Smoothness" Hydrating Lip Care

Nivea’s Kiss is a nourishing lip product that glides on gently, evenly and (as the name suggests) smoothly.  The balm is easily delivered into lip lines, mimicking the texture of a fine silicone filler — but without the synthetic feel.

It is clear, flavorless and unscented.  It’s buttery but not greasy, and beautifully balanced all the way around.

The ingredients include a protective sealant that, somehow, manages not to feel waxy and still allows the product to penetrate.  The balm instantly soothes and relieves dry, chapped lips.

It stays with you for awhile, too.  You will have to reapply, but not nearly as often as with comparable lip care products.

How’d they do it?  My guess is by keeping the sunscreen SPF at 4.  Without the slippery emulsion associated with SPFs, the product is more easily absorbed.

For some, the very thing that allows this product to be great could be the only negative:  the weak SPF.  Not a problem for this little blog peeper, as I’m getting a Nivea’s Kiss goodnight every night as part of my evening beauty routine.  Love it.


  1. Jennifer says

    FOLLOW UP: Still loving Nivea’s “A Kiss of Smoothness” Hydrating Lip Care. So much so, that I went out and bought the sister product in the pink tube: A Kiss of Shimmer Lip Care. Sadly, this one is nowhere near as good as the hydrating version. Too much pearlescent additive makes it less pliable and a lot drier. Skip the pink stuff; keep it blue!


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