Never Too Late to See the Great

Be grateful and you’ll discover:  It’s never too late to see the “great.” In fact, looking back, you get a little perspective.  If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the Universe’s Big Plan.

On November 1st, award-winning columnist, author and friend Angela Dove kindly shared an article post on my little blog.  Did you join in and “Journey to Gratitude?

I took my personal jaunt via twitter (daily, sometimes multiply, using 140 or fewer characters) via the hash-tag: #GratitudeDay.  Here are my varied tweets with the gratitude deets:

1 ~ Today I am grateful for a husband who’s not afraid to be silly as long as it makes me smile.

2 ~ I’m grateful for one warm puppy curled up next to my tummy & another pressed against the small of my back. Bliss.

2 ~ I am grateful that a dear friend called this morning.

3 ~ I am grateful for the warm sunshine on my face.

4 ~ I am grateful I got to hold someone’s hand today.

5 ~ I am grateful that some things can be fixed.

5 ~ And I’m also grateful for the bonus hour of sleep we get tonight. PS I’m totally earmarking that one for “beauty!”

6 ~ I am grateful for safety pins.

7 ~ I’m grateful for Twitter & Facebook friends who are playing along. Your gratitudes make me stop & think about mine.

7 ~ I am thankful to have heard the words “I love you” today.

8 ~ I am thankful for the “Double Chocolate Brownie Powwow” with Mom and Dad.

9 ~ This morning, I am grateful that I was able to go back to sleep.

9 ~ I am grateful for the warmth and comfort of family.

10 ~ I am grateful for warm comforters on chilly nights. And Mr Wonderful. ;-D

11~ I am grateful for Pheasant Hill’s quadruple layer coconut cake.

12 ~ This morning I am grateful for the deep sleep most people seem to enjoy nightly. I am utterly refreshed.

13 ~ I’m grateful for my parents. They gave me life, raised me well and love me always.

14 ~ I am grateful for clarity.

15 ~ I am grateful for the sound of rain on crisp, fallen leaves.

16 ~ Today I am thankful for the gift of distraction.

17 ~ Yesterday I was grateful for the joy of revisiting and setting out a few favorite Thanksgiving decorations.

18 ~ Today, I am thankful for hot, buttered popcorn.  Mmmmm.  Can you smell it?

19 ~ I am ever so grateful for a quiet, lazy day at home with Mr Wonderful.

20 ~ I am thankful for Twitter friends who, tho I haven’t yet met them, keep me feeling connected.

21 ~ I am thankful for getting my annual cold out of the way early.  And for the use of one nostril.  Ah-choo!

22 ~ Yesterday, I was grateful for scrap paper, a cheap pen and the simple joy of sketching this:

23 ~ Today, I am grateful that this nasty little cold is starting to give way. (One and a half nostrils functioning! Woo-hoo!)

24 ~ I am grateful for a Whoville Thanksgiving ~ and a man who can totally make that work.

25 ~ Today I am grateful for the Pinochle Posse, cheese and crackers, cocktails, trump, meld and loud, boisterous laughter.

25 ~I’m also grateful 4 the modern technology which afforded Mr Wonderful & I a brief escape to our beach cottage this morning.

26 ~ I am thankful for so many possibilities….

26 ~ I am also thankful for our 4-days-after-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving.

27 ~ I am grateful that we’re all so much alike and so vastly different all at the same time. How cool is that?

28 ~ I am grateful for the comforts of home and the comfort from the people in it. <3

29 ~ Today, I am thankful for the big, fluffy, white snowflakes that make the mountains even prettier!

29 ~ I’m also thankful for DVR fast forwarding so I don’t have to listen to the Little Richard Zaxby’s commercial. Wow, that’s bad.

30 ~ I’m grateful that, on the final day of this exercise, I have SO MUCH to be thankful for that I’ll keep going.

30 ~ I’m also grateful that so many of my friends took the Journey to Gratitude, too. Thanks to Angela Dove for inspiring it.

30 ~ I am truly grateful to realize that November was nowhere near long enough to recognize and celebrate all the wonder and beauty around me. Though this public exercise officially ends today, I’ll be continuing the practice of being grateful.

Many thanks to my friends, little blog readers and savvy social media Tweeps for playing along. You’ll never know how moving and thought provoking your own personal gratitudes were.

Biggest thanks to Angela Dove whose article “November’s Journey to Gratitude” inspired it all.

What are you grateful for today? If you care to share, simply leave a comment below….


  1. Jennifer says

    I am grateful for the warm glow of a Christmas tree that will stay up through the New Year!

  2. Jennifer says

    I’m also grateful for Ziplock bags. Big time.

  3. Pam says

    I’m grateful for good friends.

  4. Judy says

    I like this and I’m grateful you shared it with me. 🙂

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