My Kinda Arm Candy

So suh-weet, I just got a cavity!

Not long after going public with …a little blog, I wrote about my endless love affair with jewelry in a post called Bijou du Jour.  I continue to collect with passion and promise to share my favorite acquisitions with you, little blog reader.

I recently purchased this gorgeous costume bracelet at Dillard’s.  Made by Natasha, it’s a quality mid-range stretch piece that’s oh, so easy to wear.  It works well with jeans, is darling with casual skirts and blouses, is perfection with a classic LBD and is divine as a special event piece.  — You can bet I’ll be rocking this beauty in a big way this Holiday Season.  Love, love, love it!


  1. Pam says

    Since I can’t borrow it ;-D, where can I get one like it?

  2. Mine came from Dillard’s department store. But TJ Maxx also carries some better quality costume pieces like this. — If you lived closer, I would totally lend it out, Pam. Thanks for checking in on ..a little blog told me!

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