My Fat Ukulele

Does this ukulele make me look fat? If it does, I’m totally fine with that.

I am what others refer to as a “big girl.” I was born big. Despite my early arrival (a full eight weeks before the due date), I measured 2 feet long. Uh-huh: 2 FEET (yeah, they don’t bother breaking it down into inches once you hit the 2-foot mark).

I tipped the scales at 8 pounds. The doctors estimated that, had I gone full term, my mother would have exploded. Lucky for her I have always run waaaaaay ahead of schedule.

Today, I am six feet tall. I weigh about 70 pounds more than you think I do. And I am stronger than most adult men. It’s who I am. And, though it precipitated a few minor growing pains in my teen years (heck, what doesn’t?), it’s the thing I like best about me.

I celebrate my Amazonian size and strength, and play it up whenever I can: I often wear 4-inch heels. I prefer hats with a little vertical action. I am not afraid of shoulder pads.

I frequently startle small children. It is not uncommon for little ones to look up at me, wide-eyed, and declare “You are big.” In fact, that happens a lot ~ sometimes with an audible gasp preceding the statement.

I always take a moment to squat down, reassure them with a smile and tell them how much fun it is to be big. I say things like “When it rains, I can take a giant step right over the puddles ~ but I usually stop to splash anyway” and “I love being able to reach the highest shelves ~ and the cookie jar!” That almost always gets a giggle.

What I don’t say but often think is how wonderful it is to be significant in size. I feel present and solid and safe and completely self-assured in this big, beautiful body. I’m a girl who was born big. And I fully embrace it.

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  1. Dee Dee Parker says

    As you know, I am another”born-big “‘ girl. I love our size and all that comes with it. It never hurts that you were also born beautiful! Love the blog and proud to be a peep. Dee Dee

  2. Jennifer says

    Look who’s talking ~ you big, beautiful woman! Thanks, Dee Dee. ❤❤❤

  3. Pam says

    I like my skin. It’s clear and smooth and never gives me any trouble. I have issues, but never with my skin.

  4. Kelli says

    One of my friends is big too, 6’1, and a few years ago at Halloween, she answered the door for some trick-or-treaters and instead of “Trick or treat!” was greeted with, “You’re a tall lady!!” We were all there to hear it and it is one of our favorite descriptions of her. She just graduated with a teaching licensure too for elementary kids, and has been a babysitter for as long as I can remember. She is great with kids!

    I, on the other hand, was born small (still long though, like you), and have always liked being small. I could always squeeze into the tiniest places for hide and seek. And though I’m currently tired of people mistaking me for a tween, I’m told that I’ll really appreciate it when I get older. : )

  5. Cat says

    Like Kelli, I was born small. Though I was three weeks LATE, I weighed only 6 lbs., 7 oz. at birth. I’ve always enjoyed being small, except when grocery shopping. I sometimes curse my short stature when I have to climb like a monkey to reach something on the top shelf. But I love that leg room is never an issue for me in cars or buses or planes!

  6. Meghan says

    I have a crooked smile that I think makes me look cute. :-S

  7. Suzanne says

    People say my freckles are cute. After 20-some years, I’m starting to believe it!

  8. That I’m almost 50 and I don’t give a rip. I’ve never stressed about my age at any milestone and this one is no different. I’m healthy, sassy and unafraid!

  9. Jennifer says

    Love, love, love it! ❤❤❤

  10. Karen says

    With all the talk about obesity now, many people can’t seem to differentiate between size and fat. Press reports about American’s growing size never seem take into account the pure increase in frame size that comes with nutrition. People are born bigger, like some of us. I once felt talk at 5’7″ and big-footed at size 9. I now stand on my tiptoes in crowds and see many size 11s at the mall, not just specialty shops.

    My hope is that no one be subject to harshness or cruelty, whether they are big-framed, have fat or both, but the increasing size of healthy people just seems to get lost in both worthy and idiotic discussions of fatness and health issues.

  11. Malokia Steele-Cooper says

    I love that post! You truly are an inspirational woman! I am so glad that you write this blog! And that pic is fabulous…you’re happy-go-lucky attitude shines through in your face. Beautiful.

  12. Jennifer says

    I am positively blushing….
    Thank you, Malokia! ❤

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