Mother Daughter Winners!

Remember this Jeanne Stewart post on jewelry organization?

In it, she shared so many wonderful ways to store, organize and even decorate with accessories!  She also handcrafted and generously offered a beautiful necklace to one lucky little blog reader in a raffle-style giveaway.  Little did Jeanne know that two lucky ladies would be sharing the prize!

Our winner, Irene Feldman, is shown below wearing the necklace, alongside her lovely daughter, Jule ~ wearing the same necklace earlier in the day.

Irene and Jule Feldman are sharing!

Irene loves the look of the necklace as well as the easy-to-use clasp, clarifying “It’s one of those where a rectangular piece on one side fits through a round hole on the other — easy for anyone to put on by herself — and you also know it will stay secure. Jeanne did good!”

She also said “Jule really loves the necklace; and I think she rocks it.  She has to wear black/white to work and will be able to brighten her look with a piece such as this.  I can see I will have to share!”

little blog is so pleased that Irene and Jule are enjoying their prize!

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  1. Gabrielle says

    So sweet!

  2. Cat says

    It looks beautiful on both of them!

  3. Jennifer says


a peep out of you