More Adventures of Shoe Girl

Volume 1, Chapter 2
Running Hot (But the Shoes are Cool)

Summer is here.  And the weather ‘s running hot.

Whatever your plans are for the season, here are my picks for keeping your feet feeling great and looking cool!

This Jessica Simpson “Cheetah” heel is a great way to add life to a tired outfit.  Don’t be frightened by the 5.25” heel because the 1.25” platform more than makes up for it.  The Mary Jane strap makes it classic, and the padded footbed makes it possible!  Available in Sand, Powder, Black, Grey and Taupe. $98.00

Jessica Simpson's "Cheetah" ($98)

For a dressier, more formal occasion, Gianni Bini’s “Brianna” t-strap heel is fabulously fun and flirty.  The heel is 4.5” with a padded platform.  The brightly beaded t-strap adds a unique sparkle to any occasion. Available in Black Snake, Blue Violet Suede, Silver Metallic Snake and Gold Metallic Snake (photo not yet available).  $79.99

"Brianna" T-Strap Heel by Gianni Bini ($79.99)

Looking for an all-terrain shoe that will allow you to enjoy a little off-pavement Summer sightseeing?  Merrell’s “Pure Glove” sneakers are perfect.  The microfiber footbed is treated with Aegis Antimicrobial Technology to combat Stinky Shoe Syndrome!  Cute enough to pair with a casual dress but durable enough to go out on a hike, the comfy Merrell’s Barefoot line will allow you to forget about your feet and focus on the fun!  (The line also includes lace-up sneakers for more serious training.)  Available in Black, Red, Lavender, Orange, and Yellow.  $90.00

Merrell's "Pure Glove" Sneaker ($90)

The “Leah” flats by Gianni Bini are delicate and fun, a great choice for the girl on the go.  Slip ‘em on for running errands or brunch with friends.  The leather is soft, letting them break in easily and giving immediate comfort.  This vintage-inspired style is made modern with a cute bow and stud embellishments.  Available in Rice/Natural, Coffee/Natural and Black.  $69.99

“Leah” flats by Gianni Bini ($69)

And for “Leah’s” taller twin, check out Gianni Bini’s “Bethanny.”  Available in Rice/Natural, Coffee/Natural, Silver and Black.  $89.99

Gianni Bini’s “Bethanny" ($89)

Stay tuned: More Adventures of Shoe Girl coming this Fall!

Shoe Girl's Alter Ego, Kelli Leach

Kelli is actually a crazy cat lady, but with good fashion sense.

She never misses an episode of Castle or Modern Family, and is very fond of naps.

In her spare time off the couch she enjoys keeping a diary, belly dancing at UNCA and going out on the town.

The words she lives by?  “Hakuna Matata.”


  1. Cat says

    The microfiber footbed is treated with Aegis Antimicrobial Technology to combat Stinky Shoe Syndrome!

    When I am Queen of the World, ALL shoes will be treated with anti-stinky shoe technology. No exceptions. Those who do not comply will be forced to wear Crocs.

    And I love those Gianni Bini flats!

  2. Cat says

    Yesterday I picked up some Report flats very similar to those Gianni Binis, and I thought fondly of this post when I saw them! I can’t find the style I bought online, but they look like this pair, only with the cute little stud embellishments like the Gianni Binis, and without the silver toe cap:


  3. Kelli says

    I’ve worn the Gianni Bini flats for a few weeks now and they break in really well. And they go with practically everything!

    I got my Merrell Barefoots in the mail on Friday and have been wearing the heck out of them. I zumba-ed in them last night and they were great, wore them all day at work, and still no stink!

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