Mid-Season Mashups

It’s not always easy to pull together an outfit when the weather is iffy. And this time of year, the weatherman doesn’t always get it right. — A “mid-season mashup” saves the day!

While it can be tricky to achieve a stylish look that’s both comfortable and convertible, it’s a good opportunity to be creative. I like to layer a few lighter pieces under a mid-weight coat or heavy-gauge sweater so I can adjust for personal comfort. Socks worn over tights and under boots, thin cardigans, leggings and other items that can be removed as temperatures rise are key.

One of my best tricks for “mid-season mashups” is a light-weight scarf. Or two. A pretty scarf is not just a fashion statement: It’ll actually keep you toasty. And as things heat up, it’s easily removed and tucked away into your bag. Brilliant.

Check your closet and see what you can add to boost your look through these last days of Winter. Here are a couple of quick looks I pulled together for this week’s in-between scene.

While taking in the sights along the Cape Fear Riverwalk, I wore: Sweater by New Directions Woman; Top by Eyelash; Skirt by Lane Bryant; Scarf by Wet Seal; Bag by Kathy; Boots by Route 66.

Out the door for a late lunch with Mr. Wonderful, I wore: Jacket by French Cuff; Sweater Dress by Candy Rain; Leggings by Hue; Lucky Brand Necklace worn as a Bracelet; Scarf from Claire's; Route 66 Boots.


  1. Cat says

    Cute! You have a great eye for putting outfits together. I was just recently bemoaning that I don’t have any suitable clothes for the mid-season time of year. This week I did a lot of summery dresses + cardigans.

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