little blog in Nether Nether Land

Are you a regular little blog reader?  If so, you may remember The Total Package ~ a review written last Fall featuring the Yoek brand.

That particular post was one of little blog’s most popular ~ generating significant trade and interest from across the pond.

In recent months, it’s been a delight to welcome so many new readers from the Netherlands.  I’ve had the pleasure of corresponding with more than a few fashion brands and designers, too.  It’s been such fun visiting with fashionistas a half a world away ~ and participating in mini press junkets all from the comfort of home.

One favorite bit of press was an appearance in the inaugural edition of Yoek Magazine.  Here’s little blog’s two-page fashion feature:

We’ll keep you posted on new press.
In the meanwhile, wishing you “funshine” and happiness ~ from the little blog nest!


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    How lovely!

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