Just a Moment

Do you remember what you got for Christmas last year? Can you tick off the items, one by one? Or are those little tokens of love mostly forgotten?

Me, I might be able to recall the “big” present (usually something in the form of sparkly bling). But what I really remember are the moments of the Season.

There was the year when Mr Wonderful and I jumped into the car in our pajamas, cranked up the heat and drove down off the mountain to look at all the pretty Christmas lights in town. Neither one of us had anticipated the road icing or the hike we’d have back up the hill ~ in slippers!

One Christmas Eve was spent enjoying dinner at the Grove Park Inn. Upon returning home, we spied our Beagle sitting in the front window ~ wearing a cape?! It wasn’t until we unlocked the door and saw all the tissue paper that we understood she’d ransacked the presents and, in the process, gotten the handle of a gift bag looped over her neck. (PS It must have scared the beejeebers out of her; she’d torn up the house in an attempt to outrun the bag.)

There’ve been many warm and silly memories made over the years. One Christmas surprise inspired this:

Yep, those are the precious moments.

And so, as another year rounds the final bend, I find myself wondering what crazy little incidental will be the defining moment for Christmas 2011? Whatever it is, you can bet it won’t be found under the tree. But I wouldn’t say “no” to a little sparkly bling.


  1. Cat says

    AWESOME! You are a woman of many talents.

    My cat Niko used to do what we called “the kitty in the bag trick.” He’d get a bag handle looped around his neck and tear through the house with the bag flapping behind him like Superman’s cape until he collapsed, exhausted and humiliated, into a corner or under a table. Then I’d go and remove the bag for him.

  2. Fluffy Cow says

    I might love your version as much as the original!!!

    “Oh YEAH!”

  3. Styers Watkins says

    Saw this on FB…love it…thanks!!!

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