If the Glove Fits, Buy It!

Gloves. They are a bygone affectation, a forgotten accessory ~ the overlooked stepsister of scarves and hats. And it’s a shame. Because, in addition to keeping your fingers happy and warm, a pretty pair can actually elevate an outfit.

Those of you reading from colder climes probably do own a pair or two ~ leather or woolen, purposefully practical, possibly with a small detail that sets them apart. With recent “polar vortex” action, I bet many of our readers to the south wish they had a pair to slip on just now.

I suppose that’s not a problem for me. A lover of all things accessory, I practically hoard gloves. Heck, I’m pretty sure I have a pair for each of you.


I have black leather gloves, brown leather gloves, black and brown leather gloves, gray leather gloves, green leather gloves, red leather gloves, blue leather gloves, purple leather gloves, and mustard yellow leather gloves.

I have long gloves, short gloves and driving gloves. I have pleated gloves and ruffled gloves.

I have a multitude of knit gloves in every color of the rainbow. I have a drawer full of gloves with woven designs, embroidered designed and rosette embellishments ~ and a whole other drawer (bigger, mind you) filled with beaded gloves, sequined gloves and crystal-encrusted gloves.


Still, I want more.

Lucky for me, it’s the perfect time to find a quality pair ~ at a significant discount.

Unlike other seasonal items which are marked down multiple times until they successfully sell, the majority of finer gloves are discounted only once or twice before being packed up and shipped back to manufacturers. Typically, leather goods, suedes and nicer knits are returned to sourcing before Valentine’s Day.

camel_gloves_bowWith time a-waisting, I picked up this lovely knit pair last week.

I adore the bow detail! They are both dressy and casual; and the great camel color will go with everything, ensuring lots of wear.

Regularly $30, these smart gloves were discounted 50%. With an additional 20% off coupon, I paid only $12.

Before you venture out in the cold, let your fingers do the walking:  Make a few calls to your favorite boutiques and department stores to find out who’s got stock and how deep the discounts are. Then go grab your perfect pair!

Tell us, here, what that pair might look like:


  1. Kelli says

    Oooh, I have several pairs too (and one identical pair since I thought I’d lost it and bought the replacement pair in a state of panic before thoroughly searching coat pockets…)! LOVE the camel ones with the bow. I can’t imagine gripping my steering wheel in the winter without a pair of gloves.

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