I Still Play

Within my circle of friends, I’m known for my commitment to costuming at Halloweentime. These things are rarely planned more than a day or two in advance. Because, for me, it’s simply giving in to the daily desire to play a little “dress up” and completely over-do.

Each morning (and by morning, I actually mean “around noon”) when I dress for the day, I regularly resist the urge to adorn myself like a Christmas tree. The little girl in me desperately wants to wear every sparkly bit and bob she can get her hands on, and frequently piles on enough precious metals to produce posture problems.

Young Jenny is also drawn to brightly colored scarves. She’s been known to fasten one around her neck, tie back her hair with another and attach a third onto a handbag during regular Gypsy fugue states.

Fozzie Bear (left); Huggy Bear (right)

I won’t comment on her affinity for fluffy, furry outerwear which inspires little more than the Muppet’s theme song and an image of Fozzie Bear. Or her makeup play, which brings to mind Huggy Bear.

When Jenny gets a chance to go wild, she does ~ especially this time of year.  I usually buy her a new Halloween hat. After that, she only needs to shop her closet to make with the magic.

Here are a few of her looks from Halloweens Past….


  1. mary says

    Great photos! You are one photogenic, lovely lady. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jennifer says

    Thanks, Mary!

  3. Fluffy Cow says

    “I won’t comment on her affinity for fluffy, ”
    Ain’t nothing wrong with a little Fluffy!!!

  4. Jennifer says

    Nothing wrong at all, Fluffy! 😀

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