Hello, Magpie

I refuse to give backstory on the grounds that it may incriminate me.

Suffice it to say that I am no closer to completing my Jewelry 12 Step Program than when I published the post Addicted to Bling.

I remain, and ever will be, powerless over my addiction to jewelry.

However, thanks to Jeanne Stewart and her recent post “Jeanne Organizes Your Bits, Baubles & Accoutrements,” my accessories HAVE become manageable.

Does that mean I’ve worked a half step?  At the very least, it’s proved me a Magpie.

Gold Tone Crystal Ring (Originally $18, on sale for $5) and Monet's Austrian Crystal Bracelet (Originally $45, on sale for $13) ~ all via Belk


  1. Fluffy Cow says

    Half step or not. You have successfully proven that my Belk store stinks!

    I will however attempt to show some self restraint when I get to the bead store later this week.

  2. Cheryll Dale says

    Good grief! The closest Belk is quite the drive for me, but you have many times interested me in going there, and especially this time. That bracelet is to die for, and I don’t wear jewelry much any more, only ear rings now and then. Blinggg!!!! Eye boggling blinggggg!

  3. Well I am so pleased!

  4. Jennifer says

    Hi, Cheryl.

    Every now and then, as a thank you, I send out little goodies to a regular reader or someone who leaves a kind comment. I appreciate your nice note above, and have a special little something for you! 🙂 It’s not quite the item featured in the Hello, Magpie post; oh, but it IS nice and shiny!

    Check your e-mail!

  5. Cheryll Dale says

    Oh, my, whatever could it be? Shiny! Weeeee! I love shiny! Can’t wait to see! Thank you soooo much! What a nice surprise it will be, and my birthday is just around the corner, too. Woo hoo!

  6. Cheryll Dale says

    Weeeee, I got mail! And oh, what a piece of magic did I get! Something I could gaze at for hours, on my arm! Thank you so much for the pretty gift you sent to me, you are so kind and thoughtful, Jenny. I’m so happy to have a little more shiny in my life, and to show off and tell of your blog by…I thought you’d like that part, 😉 Its well worth the read, surprise gift or not, so many goodies to see and learn from here. Thanks again,

  7. Jennifer says


    Cheryll, I am so pleased that you are pleased! I’ll be posting a photo of the gift bling on little blog’s Facebook page so everyone can see exactly what you got. Fabulous!

    Also, I am tickled pink that you enjoy … a little blog told me enough to share it with friends. I have so much fun putting it together for all my little blog peeps and love welcoming new peeps to the little blog nest!

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