Has Your Makeup Gone Rogue?

We all know we’re not supposed to share our makeup. And most of us know we should wash our hands before applying products. But did you know you should replace your cosmetics on a regular basis?

Even before you open a bottle, tube or palette box, the clock is ticking. — And once you break the seal, air and microbes are free to move in.  It’s only a matter of time before bacteria begins to grow. Yikes!

Like to learn more?  You’ll find additional deets below.  — Be sure to check out little blog’s product freshness guide to ensure your makeup doesn’t go rogue. (Click here to download as a printable PDF.)

Any time a makeup product and/or applicator comes into contact with an infection (conjuctivitis, cold sores, ulcerations, etc), throw it away immediately or risk reinfection.


  1. Lucille says

    gets pricey !!

  2. Jennifer says

    Regular replacement sure can get expensive…. But, still, it’s cheaper than a visit to the doctor’s and prescription drugs! 😉

  3. The best tip I ever received about makeup was to clean my brushes at least once a week. Real makeup artists clean their brushes daily, and a fresh, clean application makes a difference!

  4. Jennifer says

    GREAT tip! I have several foundation brushes that I set aside until I’m down to the last one ~ and then wash them all together. If I don’t have brush cleaner, I use a drop of J&J baby shampoo ~ a tip I picked up from NYC makeup artist Jane Arnold.

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