Greetings and Salutations

Welcome, little blog peeps, to what I hope will be a little folly and a little 411.

You’ll find a seemingly unrelated jumble of topics at …a little blog. The common thread is “virtual diversion with practical benefits.”

I’m a professional plus size model, a complete and utter girly girl, who’s mad for fashion and beauty. As such, you’ll see several selections on clothing and accessories and make up. Where shopping is concerned, that’s all me. But tips? Well, I’ve hijacked those from the professional stylists and make-up artists who (magically) make me camera-ready. And every single suggestion is guaranteed to be totally viable for real women.

A little word of warning: I love the grrrl of it all, but regularly ditch the ladylike demeanor to go for the big laugh. I never, ever take myself too seriously. And, really, you shouldn’t either.


  1. Glad to see “A Little Blog” up and chirping!
    Best of luck. Love it so far.


  2. Melanie C. says

    Yeah! Was so excited when you told me about your blog. I love it! Lots of great ideas and shared thoughts. It’s always comforting to read you share some of my feelings and thoughts. Good luck! Love you and love the blog!

  3. Shonni says

    Jen – love the site! Now you’ll have to give me tips! Love the note about the pomelos – I hadn’t dared to try them (I am a fruit lover vs. veggies) and can’t have grapefruit because of some of my meds, so thought they might be like grapefruit. I’ll have to try them now. Keep it coming!


  4. Jennifer Allen says

    Thanks, Shonni. Glad you liked the pomelo post.
    According to Wikipedia, pomelos are “Chinese grapefruit;” so check with your doctor before digging in!

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