“Designer Valentine” Giveaway

designer_logosI am not particularly interested in designers or their labels.  I am certain they are even less interested in outfitting my plus size body.  This works out well for all concerned, as my purchases have always been based on the way an item looks, fits and feels rather than who made it.

Because there are so few designers making anything larger than a 12 or 14, and because I’m never actively seeking out specific lines, they rarely find their way into my personal mix.

Accessories are the exception.

With more and more labels branching out into jewelry (and hats and bags), I have found myself wearing a few signed pieces and several premiere “brands.” Unintentionally, of course.

It seems I know what I like.  And, apparently, I want more of it.  I repeatedly select items of a certain maker ~ without really meaning to.

I love a rustic piece with polish (surprise! it’s Fossil).  I adore buttons and bows and a big, bold length of chain (why, that’s Jessica Simpson ~ again).  And who doesn’t appreciate clean, classic links in bright, shiny metals (Ralph Lauren, you dog)?


Bracelets by Fossil, Jessica Simpson and Ralph Lauren


I am also drawn to Betsey Johnson jewelry.  The pieces are fun and flirty ~ and fully appeal to the little girl in me.  I must touch them. 

betsey_johnson_kissBrightly enameled charms, chunky chains and multi-colored rhinestones are the cornerstone of the collection ~ a sort of  tongue-in-cheek nod to the bits and baubles we played “dress up” with so many years ago.

This season’s pieces were especially fun, with plenty of pearls and crystals added in, too. And Betsey has (finally) embraced the stretch bracelet, making it possible for us plus girls to comfortably wear the flair.

And so we should.  ~ Hello, Betsey!

Want to win this fun Betsey Johnson bracelet?


Multi stretch bracelet by Betsey Johnson, $38


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VanessaCongratulations to VANESSA REYNOLDS ~ little blog’s lucky winner!

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  1. Jennifer Olmedo says

    I want this! So cute- great find Jenn!

  2. Pam says

    I like anything with charms. Pick me!

  3. I would love one of these .Most anything with hearts is attractive 🙂

  4. Gabrielle says

    Sweet bracelet… do I have to cartwheel down a runway to get it?? ha ha

  5. Jennifer says


  6. Susan says

    Flirty, fun and oh so “CHARMING” what a wonderful accessory for someone like me.

  7. Vanessa says

    Love Betsey Johnson! Perfect for Valentine’s day and all year round! 🙂

  8. Jennifer says

    Agreed! 😀

  9. DeDe Kinder says

    So pretty!!! love the “crystal”!

  10. I love it!! I hope I win it!!!

  11. Malokia Steele-Cooper says

    I was just looking@her jewelry @Macys a week ago, trying to decide what I thought of it. Some I loved, some, not sold on, a bit out there for me. But your comment about “playing dress-up” is spot-on, & definitely made me take off my “conservative” glasses & see them in a different way. This piece is definitely in the “love” category. The pieces I didn’t like that day were some of the “mismatched” earrings, btw. She’s absolutely a person w/her own vision & marching to her own drummer. That is something we can always applaud!

  12. So cute! I love Betsey Johnson…pink, leopard, sparkle…who could ask for more??

  13. Turtlegirl 19 says

    Betsey is one of my favorites! I love this bracelet! 🙂

  14. Dobermama says

    I make jewelry as a hobby, and I “still” can never get enough! LOL! I love everything from chunky, fun and flirty, to vintage, to vintage inspired, to the super expensive ‘red carpet’ jewelry (though I have none of that! LOL!) – the more ‘bling’ the better 😉 This bracelet fits the bill!

  15. I love Betsy Johnson’s bras- they make me feel so sexy under anything! Love the bracelet. Humm… my new bra and the bracelet might be the start of a nice Valentine’s (stay-at-home) outfit. 😉

  16. erin says

    love it!

  17. MissChievous says

    ADORABLE bracelet!! Plus size myself and HATE shopping for anything besides purses and shoes. And jewelry of course! I have no problem with it, but seems I’m finding out my mother does. She’s been bothering me about a diet lately and I want to kill her. She’s bothered me about my weight my entire life, even when I was a size 7 in high school. Don’t hate that I’m going on 20 years with my husband this year and have 2 supermodel kids…and am HAPPY!!

  18. wassamatta_u says

    I’ll make the same deal as before… if I win it, I promise to wear it proudly at the next major Letterboxing event. AND, I will tout loudly and proudly the wonders of A Little Blog.

    If you ever raffle off a bra, I’m in trouble…

  19. Gabrielle says

    May I comment again to increase my chances? Or at least to giggle at Wassa’s comment?

  20. Irene says

    Especially love the fact that it is a ‘stretchie’. That way I can easily share with my daughter – one size fits both! Love the bold heart and the mix of other charms.

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