Chicken Poo Redo

The Scoop on Chicken Poop.
Chicken Poop Lip Junk, that is.

As faithful little blog readers will recall, our lovely blog hostess Jennifer recently sponsored a Chicken Poop giveaway contest and I was the lucky winner.

“Hey! You won the Chicken Poop!” will go down in history as my favorite Twitter direct message ever.

And as faithful Dangerously Luxe readers are well aware, I am something of a lip balm addict. So, despite having a good laugh over the fact that I finally won a contest only to be rewarded with something called “Chicken Poop,” I knew it was kismet.  I was up to the task of testing and reviewing this oddly-named product.

Ah, but what can one say about Chicken Poop Lip Junk? Well, as the packaging informs us, it Contains No Poop!  That’s a good start.

Furthermore, I don’t hate it quite as much as Jennifer did.  In most aspects, it’s a good little lip balm.  The small Chapstick-like tube is convenient and portable, and I love that it has avocado oil as its primary ingredient.  I’m not sure I’ve ever tried an avocado oil-based balm before, but it works well.

Chicken Poop is soft and moisturizing and it glides on easily in a light, non-waxy layer.  Staying power is decent, though it’s not as long-lasting as my personal favorites (LUSH Lip Service and Super by Perricone Lush Lips).

But we have to talk about the lavender essential oil.  We simply must.

I enjoy lavender in some products.  Candles, for example, or linen sprays, or even hand creams and aromatherapy oils.  I do not, however, enjoy lavender oil on my lips.  It just tastes weird.  If I’m putting something on my lips, I want it to taste… tasty.  Like coconut, vanilla, chocolate, caramel, oranges, apples, honey… you get the idea.  Not lavender.  While I didn’t find myself immediately rushing to wash this balm off my lips, I did find the lavender oil to be a bit much.  It gives the balm a bitter, soapy taste of which I am not a fan.

Chicken Poop Outdoor (Chicken Poop Lip Junk, hold the lavender oil)

If you find the taste and aroma of lavender oil pleasing, you will probably enjoy Chicken Poop.  I, however, would greatly prefer it without the lavender.

With that in mind, I am now keen to give another Chicken Poop product a try: Chicken Poop Outdoors! Just like original-flavor Chicken Poop, only minus the lavender and jojoba oils and plus some zinc oxide!  The sweet orange oil by itself should make for a yummy-tasting balm.  Now that is more like it!

Brave Reviewer, Catherine Cook

Catherine Cook is an Austin, Texas-based compulsive shopper, beauty product addict, animal lover, and vegetarian.

Her current interests include cardigans, dark chocolate with sea salt, the television series Fringe, and trying out new and interesting vegetarian recipes.

You can find her elsewhere on the web at dangerouslyLUXE or on Twitter at @catvoncat.


  1. katefate says

    My sister-in-law bought the entire family tubes of this one Christmas. I think she found it at the Rural King, of all places. It is good stuff. Never noticed a particularly weird taste. I will reach for it before the Lush because it’s so much easier to use, while being equal in quality.


  1. Catherine Cook/dangerouslyLUXE says:

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