Bijou du Jour

I am strung out ~ on jewelry.

It began at the tender age of two, when I discovered the holes in my Aunt Nancy’s ears — and the glittery gems dangling from them. Wow. I begged her to show me her piercings each time she visited just so I could hold the beautiful bijou-jous she removed from them. Like the earrings, I was hooked.

I learned the names of all the gemstones before most kids learn their colors. And it didn’t take me long to realize that fingers, wrists and necks were great places to display them, too.

My precious pearlized pop-beads saw major action from toddlerhood through Kindergarten. A Shrinky Dink jewelry kit, paper beads and a genius charm bracelet gift from my folks sustained me through the elementary years. By ‘tween time, mood rings were all the rage; but I wanted something to lift my mood, not just measure it.

Santa was good to me a few times. And, once I secured a part time job, I was good to myself. Gold and cloisonné add-a-beads, cultured pearls and Chinese jade were just some of my ‘80’s obsessions. Mr. Wonderful introduced me to diamonds soon after, leaving me free to consider antique English Sterling and Mexican silver throughout the ‘90’s. Good times.

I spent my oughts exploring quality costume jewelry — both vintage pieces and specialty items from newer collections. Electronic accessibility allowed me to be very, very thorough (or very, very bad, depending on who you ask). The goal? Why, to leave no (rhine)stone unturned, of course.

Baubles and bling continue to excite me. I can’t pass a jewelry counter without enjoying a surge of pure pleasure and flushing feverishly. It’s also not uncommon for me to experience “the vapors” as I peruse ebay, Etsy and the beloved Ruby Lane online. It’s always been this way: a true passion that, I hope, never fades.

And so the journey continues. I’m not sure what shiny trinkets will tempt me next. But I will, from time to time, share exceptional finds with you right here at …a little blog.  Because surely I’m not the only jewelry addict out there.


  1. Since you love the bling, let me introduce you to a North Carolina jewelry artist who does marvelous whimsical work.

    Much talent and a way cool lady! Enjoy.


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