Balladry Ballot

Christmas Snow

Oh, the Christmas snow,
Desir-ed of the Earth,
Kisses the dusted ground,
Softly, then deepens.
A kiss a lover brings.

~ Anne Starnes Kingsbury

Holiday Haiku

Holidays approach
people shop like maniacs
love them anyway

~ Lori Miller

Waiting to Hear

Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the woods,
The only creatures stirring
Were those with clues.

The boxes were sealed
And hidden with care,
snuggled under rocks, and leaves
just waiting to be revealed.

The placers were nodding and drifting off to sleep,
Who would be finding their boxes this year wasn’t quite clear,
but the hopes that logbooks would be filled,
kept them waiting with good cheer.

Alas, one final check of AQ mail,
Brought a great smile to Piper on the Trail.
For there was a message that told a tale,
We love your little blog and all it entails.

~ Delores Kinder

Season of Light

Hanukkah is the time of year
That we all are full of cheer.
A time to sing and light menorahs
To honor heros that came before us.

As we sit to watch the light
Gather together and hold love tight.
Young eyes gleam in laughter and fun
As the dreidel again is spun.

“Nes Gadol Haya Sham”
Is where we draw our meaning from.
So wether here, or in the Land
Come and take another’s hand.

Eight days that are full of meaning
Candles bright that are still gleaming.
A treasure chest with faith the key
This is what Hanukkah means to me.

~ Gabrielle Howle

Christmas Caution

There once was a man from North Pole;
A jolly and generous soul.
Into houses he’d sneak,
but take care not to peek
or you’ll end up with a stocking of coal.

~ Lou Thibodeaux


She was alive last Christmas.

Her lips stained purple
Hands cradled a glass.
“Hey Sista!” she greeted
Me. We embraced.

She laughed.
She was full.
She had love.
She had life.

Yet untouched by cancer,
She feared nothing then.
Just another in a string of holidays,
Like unbroken bulbs.

Not the last.

~ Lauren Hand

Simply Christmas

What if I just Grinched away
All the stuff that’s in the way
And had myself a Christmas simply done
There’d be nothing to decorate
No tree, no lights, no cookies baked
No stress or feeling so under the gun

No shopping lists, no planning meals
No searching for those special deals
Spending much, but feeling though I’ve “saved.”
No fighting crowds, full parking lots
Looking for the closest spots
And longing for a peace that I have craved.

No, what if I just stopped it all
And kept myself out of the thrall
And clawed my way back to a Christmas true
Worship of the Son of God
With Magi and the shepherds awed
At baby bundled up with hope anew

Hope for tossing off our sin
Being friends with God again
Such simple Christmas worship it would be
But “CRAZINESS” the world would say
To celebrate this holiday
Without the gifts and feasts and lighted tree.

And yet, no doubt, there’s many who
Will go all out, a big “to do”
Christmas cheer with all they can afford
All the trappings, all the trim
Feast, and gifts, and tree all prim
But n’ere a single mention of the Lord.

A simple Merry Christmas to you!

~ Shannon

Heartfelt thanks to little blog’s Holiday Poetry Contest participants.

YOU, little blog readers, will be selecting the winner.
Please take a moment to vote* for your favorite entry below.
The poet with the most votes will be announced on Friday, December 23rd.

* One vote per person. Voter poll is open through Thursday, December 22nd.

This handmade journal opens flat and features 128 blank pages with attached beaded bookmark. Handcrafted cover plates are beautifully finished with protective lacquer.


Congratulations to little blog’s winning writer Lauren Hand.

Her poem, Changed, was the favorite of little blog readers.

Lauren will be receiving this lovely OOAK (one of a kind) handmade journal with over 100 blank pages to fill!

Thanks to all who participated in the little blog poetry contest.

little blog's winning poet, Lauren Hand, holds her prize.

Another Update

Winner Lauren Hand kindly forwarded a photo featuring her prized prize!

A wickedly fun writer, Lauren has her own website called The Witty Biddy, where she explores everything from politics to Alvin and the Chipmunks.

You can also follow her on Twitter @TheWittyBiddy.


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  2. So many votes still coming in! You have until 11:59 tonight (12/22) to cast your ballot. 🙂


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